Release Notes: October 15, 2015

As discussed in our last blog post, we've made some key changes to Kingdoms CCG.

1) Scavenging Goblin now steals charges on combat damage only.

2) Haste has changed. If Haste is removed prior to attacking on a creature's first turn in play, the creature will not attack. Currently this only affects Empower, but there are multiple cards in Gods Reborn that are affected.

3) Guild Wars have had multiple changes:

  • Wars are only 15 battles long. Faster wars = less fatigue.
  • Gold rewards, including losses, have been increased.  
  • The 8th place Guild in Epic now receives a Gem reward at the end of the season.
  • Now only the top 2/bottom 2 guilds will move after a season.
  • Gold has been increased to 15 Guilds, Silver to 20 guilds *** see note below ***

Note: This is the first time that we've adjusted the Guilds system. It is one of the most complicated parts of the game, and we have hundreds of guilds, something that we cannot simulate in our development environment. For this reason there may be issues with these changes. Our testing has not shown these, and the reduced wars/increased payout are definitely working, but we do want you to know that there is a chance that we will have troubles at the end of the current season. We will be watching it closely. In particular, we're not sure if the increased League sizes will come into effect.

Have fun!

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