v0.6.1 Hotfix is live!

A small hotfix went up today to address a few of the issues with live pvp.

For a full change log view it here: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/296


v0.6 is LIVE!

Wooo! V0.6 is now live!

The key thing in this update is Live PvP beta. You can access it where the Skirmish arena used to be.

Please note, that it is in beta. We are looking for feedback and bugs. Please post on the official forum @ http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/287

Also in this update is a whole lot of balance adjustments (that came into light with Live play). To note: balance tweaks could take place through the week as we get feedback from players.

Full dev notes can be found here: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/253

As a celebration, we are awarded all players with some FREE gems in this update! (They should be arriving shortly). Supporters of Antic will receive a few more bonus gems :)

Thanks all and happy battling!


Today's Update

Today's minor update:

New Card
- Strange Concoction promo card has been added. Collect it by completing chapter 6 on hard mode

- Arcanos now starts with an additional mana and the 3rd attribute upgrade is + mana

Bug Fixes
- Shatter now properly only targets enemy gear
- Phantom Image no longer replaces your creatures
- Undead King/Torment now properly shows the kingdom change

- Featured cards changed to Splosive Gnome, Powder Keg and Goblin Cannon
- More ability icons have been added

Other cool news
- We're expecting to do internal testing of Live play this week. Stay tuned for more details
- And guilds is chipping along..


Hotfix Today - Bug fixes and Card Tweaks

Quite a few bug fixes going live today as well as the return of the Bronze Arena

- Back by popular demand is the "Bronze" arena

Card Tweaks
- Magic Ward now acts like the Wooden Shield - it absorbs 2 Magic damage then gets destroyed (reason for this was: ability to neutralize a direct damage magic deck was too powerful as a 1 cost common)
- Shatter now destroys an enemy gear card at random and costs 2 mana
- Mage's Ring now can grant mana on playing any card instead of any Spell, to compensate it now costs 2 mana

Bug Fixes
- Hose Down and Undead Curse now effectively work on ANY creature, not just the enemy creature
- Streamwind Assassin now deals physical damage as intended
- Arrow Volley now deals physical damage as intended
- Shrivel now deals physical damage as intended and removes Flying
- Fixed wording on Fae's Charm to match what it does: Requires opposing battle slot to be open
- Elemental Bequest works as intended
- Ability Shift no longer crashes when there's no opposing creature
- Captivating doll will no longer steal attack while shes a corpse
- Maelstrom Priestess should only reduce your mana costs
- Power Cast no only works on the next creature
- Clicking the rune word will no longer end turn
- Poverty no longer lasts forever


Today's Update

Hi all,
Just a small patch today to address a few things:

Slow/Haste Battle Mechanics
- Slow/Haste functionality has been altered slightly to better represent conditions with creatures
- Now when you play or gain control of a creature it gets a "Cannot attack" state
- That state is only removed at the start of your turn OR by giving it haste
- Moving a creature will now give it a "Cannot attack" condition, which will be removed at the start of your next turn or by giving it haste
- Slow counters are depleted at the end of your turn
- Slow counters now can be removed completely with anything that removes a status effect
- This should be much clearer of how haste/slow and just played behave

Campaign Tweaks
- A couple of the battles in chapter 1 were tuned to be a littler easier
- Replay rewards have been adjusted to be less grindy
- They now cost 4,5 and 6 energy and yield MUCH better return on Gold

Bug Fixes
- On death triggers got fixed, so consume, reassemble should behave properly
- Fixed a few 1009 null pointer errors
That's it for today. Have a great weekend and gl with your pulls!