1.0.4 is Live!

*v1.0.4* Dev Notes

Pushed @ 11:00 am on 1/31/14

VIP system update!

We have decided to retroactively reward all our paying users in the VIP system. So all purchases done prior to the release of the VIP system of any Gem pack is now counted in your VIP level.

Tribes 2 bundle update

We have decided that we are going to do a second rotation of all the Tribes 2 bundles starting on February 28th!


- Fixed: Bruiser from Beyond now can not be blocked by 3 cost creatures.
- Fixed: Further fixes and text adjustments on Molten Elemental.
- Fixed: Turn to Wyrm should now work as intended.
- Adjusted: Untouchable has been changed to a 2/3 from a 2/5.
- Updated: Updated localizations
- Updated: Superrewards purchases of gem packs will now count towards VIP.


Tribes Plus Ancient fixes to come

Hi All,

We are embarrassed to say further bugs to the Tribes Two Plus Ancient bundle slipped through our systems.

A fix will be going out soon with a change to both these cards to make them function as intended.

Bruiser will not be able to be blocked by creatures with mana cost 3 or less.

Turn to Wyrm will make a wyrm if there is an empty slot available.


Patch v1.0.3.2 is Live!

*v1.0.3.2* Dev Notes
Pushed @ 4:00 on 1/13/14

- Changed Molten Elemental to fix underlying trigger issue
- Fixed an issue with loading the updated data files after an update
- Fixed a bug where Puresoul Cleric could be Polymorphed
New Molten Elemental

Tribes Plus Elemental - Molten Elemental Issue

Hi All,

We are embarrassed to say that a bug with the trigger on Molten Elemental from the Tribes Two Plus bundle slipped through our systems.

A fix will be going out later today with a change to him. He will now work as follows:

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Happy Battling!

1/06/2014 is Live.

*v1.0.3.1* Dev Notes

Pushed @ 16:00 on 01/06/13

Tournament Update

- We have aligned the Paid tournament cost to 5 credits per tournament.
- We have offset the tournaments so one starts every 15 minutes alternating in each slot (free/paid).


- Fixed: 1009 error for some new players
- Fixed: Essence of thought now visible in deck builder
- Adjusted: Reverted the Battle effects to correct scale
- Adjusted: Set new lower minimum prices for cards in dynamic market.