New Campaign Preview!

We've been hinting at some big changes coming for some time now... that's right - we're revamping the whole campaign system to bring you guys a much more enjoyable and replayable experience! It's currently in development and we're not entirely sure on expected release date at this point, but nonetheless, here's what we got cookin'!

Explore the World

There will no longer be a chapter system, instead there will be the entire world map of Euna that players will work their way through fighting new monsters, unlocking new cards, competing in challenges and more. The world map will be connected with a Node system, just like now, however there will be a few new types of nodes, including:
  • Battle Nodes - Pretty much like now. Basic battle nodes against regular mobs.
  • Boss Nodes - These will be special battle nodes that have a tougher mob and will usually yield a bigger reward
  • Challenge Nodes - These will be special battles that impose a condition or rule set but yield a specific cool reward. Example: Use Amorya with beginner arena rules to break through the opponent's defenses within X turns. Some of these nodes can only be attempted once within a specific time frame
  • Minigame Nodes - These nodes will have the biggest variety of interaction on them. They can include things like: wells that drop energy/essence/stones every X hours, spending energy to search for cards/items, merchants offering special items for sale, choosing a chest for a prize and more
  • Gate Nodes - These will be locked nodes that require a key item to advance on. Key items can be found by completing very basic quests or battles on the map
  • Teleport Nodes - These nodes will take you to a new sub-area within the game. Example: you will be able to go into the Old Capital City from the world map node to clear it from the impending undead wrath
  • Dungeon Crawl Nodes - Last but certainly not least will be the dungeon crawl, or survival nodes. These will let the player fight continuously to see how long they last against an increasingly difficult horde of enemies. There will be a global/friend leaderboard and prizes attached to these nodes

New Enemies

There will be over 50 new mobs (basic enemy units, not quite as powerful as heroes) with over 50 unique abilities added to this system to keep the battles fresh and interesting!
Check out the Queen Harpy... she likes to hang out near the entrance to the Maze of Marshes, and she is one mean chick!


?: Will this cost Energy and what are the gold rewards?
A: Energy will be used to travel along the map and the gold rewards haven't been finalized yet. The new campaign will cost energy so we can award gold on losses as well as on wins.
?: Will there still be different difficulties?
A: No. The further you venture into the world map, the more difficult the battles will become.
?: I already beat the current campaign, so what happens when this new system rolls in?
A: Since it is a new system and will replace the old, all players will be starting from the beginning here.
?: When is this update coming?
A: We're hoping to get it out before the x-mas break, but we're not making any promises yet as we want this to be top notch before we release it.

Follow the discussion on the forum here: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/1764


v0.9.1.1 is Live!

v0.9.1.1 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 1:10 EST on 11/28/12

Dynamic Market

- adjusted some of the values a bit to decrease the large jumps in price
- put in maximum price caps on all rarities


- Fixed Dravkas "Master Artificer" Mana cost values in battle
- Fixed Core Gold Pack Uncommon amount


Patch v0.9.1 is Live!

v0.9.1 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 11:00am EST on 11/27/12

Guild War Update

  • Every member will be able to fight maximum 20 fights per war
  • Every war fight win will earn you gold immediately
  • The top 5 BEST win counts on both sides will determine the guilds total score in the war
  • The guild with the highest score total (out of 100, since its the top 5 * max 20 fights) will determine the victorious guild
  • The winning guild will still earn a war bonus
To clarify more on the top 5 best win counts:

Each side will have up to 15 members doing 20 fights each. Only the best 5 records will count towards the guilds score out of 100. This is so that a 5 person guild with super hardcore players can have a shot against the 15 person guild WHILE still allowing the 15 person more casual members to take their battles and try to contribute to the team's success. No longer will there be any fear of 'hurting' your guilds score, you can only help!

Rotating Arena

- Switched to 50 hour rotation cycle
- The current arena had to end early to accommodate this

Pack Screen

To prep for the Rise launch we have updated the pack screen to allow navigation through the expansion packs easier.
- Bronze pack is no longer available
- Silver pack now has a 10% chance for a Rare
- We split off the gold and gem rare pack into 2 separate packs so the gem version can offer essence and stones. (Nothing else to the core gold pack was changed)


Dravkas - Based on recent stats of top players, Dravkas has the lowest win rate (by far) @ a whopping 35% so we're giving him a small nudge to help his speed.
Master Artificer
- triggers on [4,3,2] Mana cost. Was [5,4,3]
- now costs [4,5,5] charges. Was [4,5,6]


- Fixed an unused star display bug on main screen


v0.9 is LIVE!!!

v0.9 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 7:30 (EST) on 11/20/12


A crafting system has been added! Players can now combine 'Stones' and 'Essence' to create any card from the main sets!
Stones are the foundation of the crafting. They determine what you will build. They can be from a Card Type, Card Set or Bundle Set. Examples: Core Stone, Gear Stone, Spooky Stone etc.
Essence determine the rarity level and kingdom alignment of the item crafted. There is 7 different essences, each representing a Kingdom and Unaligned. The amount of essence added will determine the rarity level. The % of each essence added will determine the Kingdom alignment.
Crafting Level
There will be 10 crafting levels to start. At level 1 you can only craft commons. The more you craft, the more XP you earn, increasing your level. The higher the level, the more essence you can add when crafting, increasing the rarity of items you can make.
Acquiring Essence and Stones
There are a few different ways to acquire both essence and stones:
  • Scrapping: After you acquire a single card, any duplicates can be scrapped for Essence or Stones. Stones only drop on Uncommon+ cards. The amount of essence dropped is determined by the rarity of the item being broken down
  • Gem Packs: Any pack purchased with gems will always yield some Essence and sometimes Stones.
  • Daily Chance: Daily chests now can include Essence and Stones
With this feature addition, 3 new Crafting achievements have been added for a total of 17 gems!

Singles Store

Singles for Gold
Say what? That's right. The existing singles shop has switched to be Gold prices only! It now rotates once an hour and everyone sees the same items (but don't worry, each persons single inventory is their own, meaning someone else can't buy your items). The Gold prices will be driven using a dynamic pricing model. The latest set will not show up in here.
Dynamic Market
Each card (based on rarity) will have a base Gold or Gem value attached to it, then, driven by the players demand and use rates the price will either increase, or decrease! Prices will update at a specific time cycle, which will be displayed in the shop.
Purchase any Single!
A *NEW* catalog of singles has been added. Now you will be able to search through any of the main card sets and pick up any card you want for a Gem price determined by the dynamic market! All sets are included after their pre-sale period.


Battle Mechanics
Mana Cost Altering Cards
All cards that affect Mana cost of other cards, now only affect the casting cost of cards in your hand. This change was done because many of the current reducing cards inadvertently caused a negative effect by lowering the cost of the cards already in play. Examples of this were Omni Cloak, Engineers Ring causing weaker creatures to be assembled by Dravkas, or Maelstrom Priestess lowering mana cost of spells that can get triggered by Arcanos' Visceral Flames ability.
If a card would trigger off the Mana cost of a card being played, it will go by the base cost always.
Battle FX
Added a whole bunch more battle effects for visual clarity of whats going on and feel, including:
- Magic vs Physical damage effect
- Hero enter animation
- Hero death effect
- A few status effect effects
- A few more battle UI effects


**Note: This is a preview, some numbers might change before final release**
War Behaviour
The war experience has been revamped to make the war more interesting instead of just an energy race. Now when guilds go to war, each guild can only do 100 battles total with each member be capped at a maximum of 20 battles (out of the 100). The total number of wins at the end of the war, will determine the victor. For each battle win, gold will be added to a pot, which will be split based on participation. If your guild is victorious, each player will receive up to a 3x bonus to that gold amount. There will no longer be energy required to do guild battles. Honor will be accumulated after each win, and is independent from the war outcome. Quests have been removed so they don't conflict with trying to maximize your win ratios. In the event of a tie, the defending guild will be the victor.
Top Ranked Bonus
Top ranked guilds will receive an additional bonus amount of gold per battle.
There are a few more management tools in place for guild leaders and members. You can now view daily, weekly and monthy averages for offensive and defensive rates as well as war participation %. Guild mates can now view and skirmish against each others defense decks.


Limited Arena
- Now allowed up to 8 rares (was 4). This was done to give a little more flexibility to different deck strategies.
*NEW* Rotating Arena
- The Kingdom and Skirmish arena's have been removed and in their stead the new 'Rotating' arena has been added. This arena will cycle through a new set of rules every 48 hours to keep the battle fresh! The kicker to this is, the top players at arena rotation will earn GEMS or GOLD! To prevent against leaderboard camping, AI losses WILL affect your rating, just at a much decreased rate, currently 25% of the normal rating that would be exchanged.
Current Rule Sets
  • Tier 1 Standard
  • Tier 2 Standard
  • Alliance Standard - Standard rules only using cards of the same alliance as your Hero
  • Minimalistic - No cards with Mana cost 4+
  • Pauper - Max of 4 Uncommons, the rest must be commons!
  • Vanilla - All heroes start with 12 HP and 2 mana with no abilities!
  • Tier 3 Limited
  • Singleton - Can only use max of 1 of a specific card, 60 card decks
Currently the top 5 players will earn Gems, the remaining top 50% will earn varying amounts of Gold.

Hero Tweaks

- assembled Constructs now have a mana cost equal to the gear they destroyed
Master Artificer
Whenever an ally gear or Alchemy Creature with Mana cost [Value] or more enters, Dravkas gains 1 ^, 1 Charge or 1 Mana
Ice Blast
- Now costs 3,4,5 charges (was 4,5,6)
Undead Warcry
- Now costs 6 charges (was 5)
Sprinkle Dust
Target creature gains Dust and Petrice gains 1 Mana
Hero Prices
We have reviewed, and changed (hopefully for the last time) the Hero Gold prices. We felt they got too pricey and kept a lot of our players out of reach of trying new and cool strategies. We have lowered the T2 Gold price to 15,000 Gold and T3 Gold price to 50,000 Gold. There will no longer be a sale value on Gold prices, only the first Gem purchase of a hero in each tier. (For those who already bought Hero's for greater prices, please see the end of this patch list :))

Card Tweaks

Summon Abomination
Now costs 2 mana (was 3).
- The abomination token now has a mana cost equal to its power
Blessed Champion - Available for trade-in
"On enter: your Hero gains 3 HPthis creature becomes Blessed 3 (when it dies, its Hero gains 3 HP)."
Reason: BC had far too much value for his Mana cost compared to other creatures. As an alternative to increasing the cost, we chose this route which offers a few ways for the opponent to deal with it.
Maelstrom - Available for trade-in
"For each random enemy creature and enemy Hero, deals 4, 3, 2 and 1 ~ damage to it respectively"
- Now costs 4 Mana (was 5)
Reason: With the ability to wipe the enemy's board AND deal damage to the hero directly, this was hands down the best burn spell in the game. We chose to limit the targets so you cant always guarantee a side wipe while still damaging the enemy hero as oppose to increasing the mana cost to get within reason of the capabilities.
*Redesign* Ancient's Revenge
- Now called Ancient's Will

Collection Page

Collection page has been revamped to include filters for better searching capability. It now includes the option to scrap cards for crafting purposes.
The foiling mechanic will be switching in this update. No longer will you trade in a certain amount of cards to receive a foil version, instead it will be moving to a Gem payable cosmetic upgrade. This is so it doesn't conflict with the new scrapping and crafting mechanic. The costs are now as follows:
  • Common - 5 Gems
  • Uncommon - 10 Gems
  • Rare - 15 Gems
  • Epic - 20 Gems
  • Legendary - 25 Gems


- Abominations now come in with a Mana cost equal to the corpses they destroyed
- There is now a different effect for Magic Damage as opposed to Physical Damage
- Fixed the Dravkas 1009 error, which should also fix the shatter error
- Discards that are forced due to card drawing now properly go to the discard pile
- Fixed a bug with removal of abilities that wouldnt remove Overrun or Corpsecraft
- Tweaked the foil effect a bit
- Adjusted the way a - HP buff works. If they would receive a negative HP buff it would always take it off their max and current if it wouldnt kill them. It can now kill them. Cards affected: Selfless Adept, Morphing Remains
- Added "Light" and "Dark" alliance filters under the deck editor kingdom selector
- Added Mana cost filter in deck editor
- Realm Sworn Bard and Grizzle Beast now costs 50k Gold to match the Dragon (was 25k)
- Fixed hero star tutorial glitch that caused people to get stuck


And last, but certainly not least we want to thank all our loyal and committed players as well as our new players that have just joined us! To celebrate this immense content update and to help cover some of the changes that may have affected players in a negative fashion, we will be awarded Gems to all our players! Just like the last Gem payout, every player will receive some. VIP players (those who have supported us with any real $ purchases) will be receiving an extra amount for their dedicated support! Thank you all! (Amounts are still to be determined)


"Rise of the Demigods" - New Card Set Announced!

Rise is the new set for Kingdoms CCG. With 144 brand new cards, the introduction of three new status effects in the form of Blessed (When this creature dies, it’s controller is gains life), Cursed (when this creature dies, it’s controller looses life) and Polymorph (Creature becomes a 0/1 sheep for X turns), the new Mill Mechanic, three new Legendary Cards including the first non-creature Legendary and the introduction of the Demigods.
Demigods are a new card type for Kingdoms. They are played just like creatures but are inactive, unable to attack but still able to block, until their tribute is paid. The tribute will vary from Demigod to Demigod. To activate Justice, his controller must gain 8 life. To activate Undying, 5 creatures must die while he is in play. Demigod’s can’t be targeted directly by spells or hero abilities but are still affected by board wide effects, and are still damaged by other creatures hitting them.

With powerful and exciting new cards at all rarity levels Rise is the best built set to date. Taking everything we’ve learned from Core and EVE to make Rise the next level in set design for Kingdoms.
Throughout the week we will be spoiling the set a few cards at a time. To get the week rolling, check out an uncommon creature from each kingdom.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to our Beta team for their excellent work in helping make this set complete!

Rise is set to be released on November 29th with the Pre-sale starting November 22nd. More details to come!

Be sure to follow the forum for latest details: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/1552


v0.8.8.2 is live!

v0.8.8.2 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 2:20 EST on 11/5/12

Arena Tutorial & Locking

- Arenas and guilds are now locked for new players until they have sufficient cards to actually build a deck for those areas. (30 for Arenas, 40 for Guilds)
- We have added a tutorial for newer players that shows them how to properly access and join an arena once they are able to do so, as well as the benefits of doing so.

Card Tweaks

Fireball - A change to the targeting. Its flexibility of targeting an empty middle slot to kill top and bottom slot was just too strong for its mana cost
"Deals 3 ~ damage to the creature in target slot and each its adjacent slots target creature and deal 1 ~ damage to its adjacent creatures"


- Fixed the chat scroll issue. You can now scroll up properly and not get your scroll bar reset when a player sends a message. Admin messages will still force this.
- Shadow's Charge Strike is now fixed.


Spooky Bundle - Last chance!

The limited edition Spooky Bundle is available for another 12 hours only before it gets locked away for some time. Get it while you can!

Happy Battling all!