Card Trade In Program

Hi all,

As Kingdoms grows and patches are done, it is sometimes necessary to do balance changes to both cards and heroes. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative changes are done.

These changes are done with the best intentions for the greater good of preserving a healthy meta game and making it a competitive, fair landscape for all players.

We understand these changes directly affect some of our premium players and as a result would like to offer a special trade in program where players affected can trade back those cards for gems.

Full details of this program can be viewed on our official forum here: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/643

Thanks much for all your support!

- Kingdoms Dev Team


Patch v0.7.4 is here!

v0.7.4 Patch notes

Currently in development. Scheduled for 8/30/12 Afternoon.


Unlocked by completing Chapter VI on Insane mode:
Tower of Gnomes


Player mailbox has been added. This will be used for guild interactions and friend requests, as well as tournament reward delivery later on.
Friend List:
There is now an ingame friend list. You can add players from their profiles and you'll see when they come online in chat.
Battle Chat:
There is now a battle chat tab that opens up when a live play match is made.
Guild Chat:
There is now a chat tab for guilds (for the forthcoming guild release)
Hero Trade:
You will now be able to trade in your purchased Heroes for a Hero of the same tier. When you trade, you will lose all hero star progress and stats on that hero.
Battle Interaction UI:
There are new Cast/Banish (formerly discard) buttons which should make it much clearer what your intention is and how to use certain actions. **NOTE:** for advanced players there is a new option now to enable the single clicking that was there before.
Live Play Time Extender:
In live pvp, when you play a card, discard a card, or use a hero ability it will extend your turn timer by 5 seconds (this number will likely be played with)


Beginner Arena:
Max hero tier in beginner arena is now T1 so newer players stand a better chance. We had to reset the arena in order to remove any invalid decks.

And much more!
Check the full patch notes here: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/620

Happy Battling!


v0.7.2 Patch Details

v0.7.2 Patch notes

Pushed @ 2:10 EST on 8/17/12


A game wide chat component has been added so now all players can communicate with each other!
To see a full list of chat commands type /help :)

Battle Mechanics

- Timid has changed to: This creature won't attack if it has an opposing creature
- A new status effect "Pacified" has been added. It prevents the creature from attacking

Card Tweaks

Target creature gains Timidbecomes Pacified
All eggs now have: This creature can't attack added.

Interface Changes

- Backgrounds in deck editor and hero page now change based on the kingdom of the Hero
- Battle backgrounds will pick a random one of the two Heroes
- Player profile got a revamp

Bug Fixes/Minors

- Vengeful Titan now deals Physical damage properly on the play effect
- Weakened is now known as Weak
- You can now search for cards via their subtype
- Fae Trickster no longer steals abilities while dead
- There was a bug with removing status effects that would automatically always remove any Slow counters + another effect. It now just removes 1 effect properly.
- Some more anti-cheat measures in place


v0.7.1 is live!

v0.7.1 Patch notes

Released @ 2:45 on 8/13/12


Unlocked by completing Chapter V on Insane mode:
Frost Bark Ent


In live play enabled arenas if no match is found within the time limit, it will match against an AI opponent. Reward will still take place, however no rating will be exchanged.
- Min deck size decreased to 30
- Loss gold increased to 50
- Hero tier is capped at 2
- Energy decreased to 5
- Win bonus increased to 150
- Loss gold increased to 100
- Win gold increased to 300
- Loss gold increased to 150
- Bonus gold increased to 250
- Skirmish arena was added back in


- Core gold pack lowered to 5k gold
- Eve gold pack lowered to 15k gold

Bug/Minor Fixes

Live Play
- Hero abilities should no longer cause an out of sync
- Idle timeout is now 15 minutes
Card/Ability Functionality
- Maelstrom Blast now rounds down correctly
- Aegis Shield now prevents physical or magical damage as intended
- Shields now play an effect when they prevent damage
- Featured pack is now a CORE Epic pack for 50k gold or 100 gems
- Featured cards are now (Forked Lightning, Sparkshot Avenger and Element Converger)
- Some of the gold values were increased in Daily Chests
- Bonus amounts reset properly at 00:00 server time


v0.7 is Live!

v0.7 is now live!

This update includes an arena revamp with full integration of the live play, as well as a few smaller bug fixes.

 Full patch log can be seen here: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/364

Happy battling all!


v0.6.3 is live!

More small hot fixes today.

Main highlights are we fixed the Starter Pack issue some players had. If it still appears Sold Out for you after you attempted to purchase it, please contact us so we can correct it.

Full patch notes: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/314

In other news, the Live play arena update is going nicely and scheduled for next week. Guilds are also cruising along and we're currently looking ~mid-late August for that update.

Happy Battling all!


Patch v0.6.2 is live!

Mostly more live play bug fixes in this patch.

- The tooltip for cards now displays the sub-type of the card (Example: Fairy, Human, Warrior etc). This will come into play for future cards/abililties
- Slow down after consecutive live play matches has been fixed
- Playing an AI match after a live play match no longer disables your battle button :)
- Idle time-out shouldn't be occurring anymore (when you are actively playing, it will still timeout if you sit idle for 4+ minutes in an AI battle)
- Space bar no longer ends turn
- Error 1132 after some live play battles should be fixed

In addition to this there were also 2 new achievements added. Go check them out!