Season One: Pack Available Now! - August 16 Release Notes

The release is complete and the new cards are available now! They are now available as both a pack of 13 fixed cards, or as singles in the market. You can see all 13 cards in their released glory below.

Additional Changes

1. Summoner's Gambit and Wealthy Benefactor have been rewritten so that they will always be up to date with the latest release, and have no chance to grant you unreleased cards.
2. Arena Seasons will no longer award promo cards for the time being. We haven't been able to keep up with the 25 day cycles. To compensate, the Standard Arena will now award additional Gems.

Upcoming Contest

We're going to be running a contest soon to design a NEW Legendary creature. This will be your chance to get in on the design process and influence the future of the game! We will be running the contest on our official Facebook page, so if you're not following us yet, go there now and hit "Like".

Here are the new cards (click to see them full sized)!



Season One Preview: Feel the Rage

For the title of "Best Two-Mana Creature" there is definitely a lot of competition. Top choices include amazing cards like Erratic Werewolf, Shrieker, Firesworn Elf and Raging Vines.

Who is the best?

In Season One: Pack One we are introducing a new creature that could very well take the top spot. A creature that can get even larger than Raging Vines without worrying about your discard pile.

Feral Rager is a simple 2/1 for 2 until you read his powerful text. Every time a creature dies - whether yours or your opponent's - Feral Rager's anger grows along with his stats. Drop him in an empty slot when you have a creature lined up to trade into an opposing creature and at the end of combat he'll be a 4/3. Attack into a smaller creature? It dies, Rager grows.

And this rage is red hot and uncontrollable. The Feral Rager has Invoked which lets his sword burn through Armor and shields, and he can't be Pacified. RAGE!

One of the decks we tested Feral Rager in is this aggro Arcanos build:

(click to see full size)

Here is how Feral Rager fared in one, not-so-uncommon game:

No pump spells. No tricks. Just kill, kill, kill and let the Ragers reap the benefits!


Season One; Pack One has been submitted to Apple! While we are waiting for their go ahead, watch our official Facebook page for additional previews. If all goes well we will be live next week!


Season One Preview: Feeling Invulnerable

Hit points.

When it comes to Kingdoms CCG, your Hit Points mean everything. It doesn't matter what cards you have in hand, or how well you're positioned, if your opponent can deal those last few points of damage to you, the game is over and you're done.

So the idea of a card that says "Your hero does not take damage" is pretty exciting. No Lightning Blast to the face. No Immolate worries. No Scavenging Goblins taking your charges. No damage. Period.

Well we've made that card and here it is:

If you haven't considered the Holy kingdom in the past, Guardian Angel is definitely a creature that could pull you there in the future. While the Angel herself isn't invulnerable, you will definitely feel that way while she is around.

At 2/5 for 5, the Angel is definitely a good bargain. Flight help her get in for damage, while Puresoul keeps your opponent honest. Kill her or don't - no fancy stuff allowed.

Of course while the Guardian Angel is putting her life on the line for you, she expects something in return. While on the board, your Hero can not gain life either. Any life you would gain, heals the Angel.

The Angel will be particularly interesting in Belnir, who can grant her Indestructible, Armor and Regen. With enough time and the right buffs, she could truly become invincible.

Another way to keep her around is to make sure you always have one in hand. And we have another card, this time Mystical, that can help you do just that:

Here are Guardian Angels copies 5 through 8. 

Spirit Claim is another simple, yet powerful card. Target any creature - yours or your opponent's - and put a copy of that creature's card into your hand. You can then play it at any time just as you would any other card.

The possibilities with this card are endless. Think of it as Ravinova's Prototype for creatures with no limitations.

One of the best lines of play we've seen with Spirit Claim is in response to Kral, Harbinger of a New Age. You let them get their next Legendary and play it. You then play Spirit Claim on Kral, and drop him immediately, banishing both Legendaries and setting yourself up to start drawing your own.

Beyond this, almost any creature with a strong On Enter ability or static ability makes a particularly good target for Spirit Claim.

What decks will these cards see the most play in? That's up to you. Start brewing and let us know your favorite new deck ideas.