Guild Changes Preview!

Hi all!

Coming up in the next couple of patches we are going to focus on improving the Guild experience.

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Hi all!
So as promised, we have now decided to focus on improving the guild experience. We have a large laundry list of items (thanks for all the feedback!) to do, but here's a short list of things to expect in the next update:

DISCLAIMER: This is a preview. Final values and details are still to be determined, please treat this as such and is not a guarantee in any way :)

Improved AI - We are going through and beefing up many aspects of the AI to make for interesting guild war battles and defense deck possibilities, including: Force use of hero abilities when ready, gear targeting and valueing Discard and Mill mechanics
Fight Everyone - We are adding back in the 'Fight Everyone Once' rule where players will systematically work through the opposing guilds player list so everyone has to defend equally.
Honor Uses - We have decided to move the Arsenal cards to a guild reward. We do apologize for our change in direction with this (previously being available to craft) but feel it is better for the long term of the game.
More Stats - You will now be able to view recent wars and the results of them. In addition to this there will also be an offensive/defensive tab on the participants panel which will show how individuals held up in the respective categories. In addition to this there will be two toggles to: Show Attempts as well as Show Enemy. These will show the total tries in addition to the points as well as the opposing guild's scores.
Max 3 Wars - We will be reducing the max wars from 4 to 3 to make room in the UI and streamline the system for the upcoming League feature.
Bug Fixes - There have been a few lingering annoying bugs, they shall be squished! Please be sure to post as much detail about any guild bugs in the appropriate section on the forum to make sure we catch them all

In further updates we will be looking into adding the following:

League System
- Introduce a league system that lasts 9 days
- Guilds will be split into 3 tiers (1-10, 11-20, 21-30) and have a feeder pool for the remainder. We might increase tiers based on demand
- Within a league, each guild will fight each other guild in their tier 3 times
- 3 wars will be automatically initiated and last for 24h (on server day start)
- Increase battles to 30 from 20 (to allow fighting everyone twice)
- Reward at the end of the league based on the tier your guild is in and your placement within it
- Reward will then be divided (weighted towards the top players of the placed guilds)
- We would use current placements to define the initial tiers
- The bottom and top 3 guilds of each tier will move down and up respectively to the new tiers

Defense Incentives
- Add in a reward for having successful defenses
- Players would come back in to the guild section after being away and see how well they did defensively, and get rewarded for it!
- Example: Come back in after 2 days and see your defense deck was successful in 72/150 fights and win 72 bonus honor! (again numbers TBD)

Upgrade System - Last but not least, an upgrade system. We've talked about one for a while but wanted to wait until the foundation of guilds was solid. After these other changes are in and the system feels great we will be looking at adding an upgrade system for guilds.
So that's it guys and gals - lots of exciting things to come! Thank you again for all your feedback. If you have any questions, please fire away here and we'll do our best to answer.


Patch v0.9.4.5 is Live! New Starter Bundles and more!

v0.9.4.5 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 5:20pm EST on 5/24/13

New Starter Bundles

All new Starter Bundles have been added! There are now 6 Starter Bundles (one per Kingdom) that contains one of EACH of that Kingdoms cards from CORE set, including epics for a low price of $5! You can purchase each kingdom up to 4 times each per account.
These are available in the store under 'Starters' section!

2X Tournament Credit Bonus

We now have a special deal for your first/next Credit purchase - receive 2x the amount! For those who have already purchased credits, this will still be available to you on your next purchase.


- Improved the payout panel inside the tournament to be a little more clear
- Can now click names in recent tournaments to bring up their profile
- Tournament lobby sometimes held onto old renderers (which caused text to overlap with itself). This is now fixed
- Tooltips added over set icons in the card pool renderers
- Confirm join popup had a little more information added to it
- During the draft process, the max cards shows the actual total amount of cards you'll receive now as 50 (instead of 60)
- Recent tournament dates are fixed (they were a month off)
- Sealed/Draft tournaments ignore the 1 of Legendary rule in your deck, should you be fortunate enough to open multiple
- Disabled Coin Toss animation in tournaments during game 2 and 3
- Fixed a crash issue with Shadowsill rogue killing an opponent in live match
- Fixed the phase label during the draft process
- Fixed a bug where if you disconnect from chat, you cant reply to whispers or rejoin a chat room
- Fixed a bug with buying constructed tournament decks
- Fixed some tournament crashes
- Fixed some AI issues with Anti-Magic shield
- Fixed some issues with Stuttershock elf and mindgripper crashing
- Fixed the tournament payout text for player numbers


Patch v0.9.4.4 is Live!

v0.9.4.4 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 11:20 EST on 5/22/13

Purchase Deck Option

When viewing a completed constructed tournament deck, players will have the option to buy and save that deck in a slot. The purchase price will factor in only the missing cards you have and be based off the current market price. To note: You can only purchase promo/guild cards if you have them unlocked already.

More Tournament Credits for your $

We decided to increase the amount of tournament credits you get for your dollar for the $20+ options
- $20 now nets you 50 credits (was 40)
- $50 now nets you 150 credits (was 100)
- $100 now nets you 330 credits (was 200)
Anyone who has purchased the above bundles at the old values, please contact support@kingdomsccg.com and we'll reimburse the difference.

Tournaments Ending During Update

During an update, any tournaments will be ended immediately and pay out based on current positions. Players will also receive a full refund for the inconvenience.


- Fixed bug with 'Cannot tween a null object' after playing multiple tournaments in a row
- Fixed some issues with popups not being seen after disconnects, mainly tournament ended w/ placement details
- Fixed a 1009 error on the tournament scene
- Rating now properly only exchanges during credit tournaments
- Italian and Spanish card localization has been updated


Patch v0.9.4.3 is Live! Tournament Celebration!

v0.9.4.3 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 5:30pm EST on 5/17/13

Tournaments Officially Live!

It is our great pleasure to make the announcement that tournaments are officially live after this patch! With this celebration, everyone (who has logged in during the last 13 days) will receive 10 FREE tournament credits! Go forth and conquer!

Satellite and Credit Tournaments

After the beta period, there will be two types of tournaments: Satellites and Credit Tournaments.
Satellite Tournaments
Satellites can be entered as long as you have 10 or less Tournament Credits. They will always be in the top slot and rotate through various formats. Placing in these will earn you tournament credits.
Credit Tournaments
These tournaments cost Tournament Credits to join. You can either win them in Satellites or purchase them from the main tournament screen. They will yield packs of the latest set (Rise when we launch this patch) for top placers. Anyone who places in the top 50% and didn't earn any packs will receive Credits (which will vary on the entry cost, mostly likely be 1 credit back to start).
Payout Scales
You will now be able to see the full payout scale based on number of rounds and players entered from the main tournament screen by clicking the 'Payout' button. The amount earned and positions paid increases for each round interval added by players joining:
  • 4 players = 2 rounds
  • 5-8 players = 3 rounds
  • 9-16 players = 4 rounds
  • 17-32 players = 5 rounds
  • 33-64 players = 6 rounds
  • 65+ = 7 rounds
Note: We are not planning on having tournaments exceeding typically 32 players and sometimes 64 due to time constraints. Some exceptions might be special, featured or invitational tournaments, which are yet to come
For full payout details see this link: http://forums.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/4037

Auto-start Drafts

In the bottom slot of the tournaments we will have new credit draft's every 10 minutes that will auto start at the next minutes after it reaches the max players. This is to keep them faster paced over all. The draft content will rotate every hour with a cycle of: Core, Hybrid, Eve, Hybrid, Rise, Hybrid

Tie Breakers

Tie breaker bugs should be fixed. It now prioritizes based on: Points -> Opponent Match Win % (favoring players who had to defeat tougher opponents) -> Win % (how well you did in all your battles) -> Opponent Game Win %

Rise Gold Packs

Rise packs will no longer be available for gold after this patch as they will be obtainable through the tournament system.


- Tournament registration period lowered to 5 minutes from 15... Properly this time
- Fixed the split draft tournament text to show the appropriate pack splits
- Viewing recent tournaments is now back
- Tournament rating for the leader boards only counts credit entry tournaments, and has been reset
- Players are registered in Sealed tournaments before they see the Keep Cards option. This is to hold your spot while you decide if you'd like to keep them or not
- If players purchase Sealed cards, they are granted immediately upon tournament start now instead of at the end of the tournament. This will allow you to play with them if you drop before the tournament finishes
- Fixed a corner case bug where sometimes a player was awarded 2 wins if their opponent wasnt there
- If the tournament time goes into the negatives (just out of sync by a few seconds) it will now show 'Waiting..' instead of -e-142 etc, since it's still fine
- The 1/2/2 Core/Eve/Rise Draft has been redone as the 2/2/1 Rise/Eve/Core Draft, and the 2/3 Eve/Rise Draft has been redone as the 3/2 Rise/Eve draft
- Tournament names now display properly
- Can now properly select decks with sideboards that are committed to arenas
- Ravinova's achievement #8 changed. Is now "Prototype two cards in the same turn"
- Draft card pick time lowered from 5s per card to 4s
- If a player drops, no tournament rating is exchanged from any matches paired against them afterwards
- "The Next Tournament in" will now show if its a satellite or credit tournament
- whole bunch of tournament fixes
- fixed a bunch of the "Trying to remove a card from a deck it isnt in" errors
- Updated the standings player component to show their relative tournament rating to the type that they're currently in, as well as their current points


Patch v0.9.4.2 is Live with more Drafts and more Sealed tournaments!

v0.9.4.2 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 5:00pm EST on 5/14/13


More Draft and Sealed!
We have more than doubled the number of Draft and Sealed events with a new one now starting every half hour, alternating between the two types. We have also added multi-set Draft and Sealed events.
4/4 Core/Eve Split
3/3/2 Core/Eve/Rise Split
2/3 Core/Eve Split
1/2/2 Core/Eve/Rise Split
2/3 Eve/Rise Split


- Fixed a bug with players disconnecting causing tournaments to not move on to the next round
- Tournament Full panel now appears properly when registration is full
- Tournament registration period lowered to 5 minutes from 15
- Tournaments now show how many total rounds it is inside the tournament lobby
- Win % in tie breakers is now fixed
- fixed the liveplay error "Game Already Exists"


Patch v0.9.4.1 is Live! Tournaments are back online!

v0.9.4.1 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 5:00pm EST on 5/13/13


Tournaments are now back on line and still free for the beta period! We apologize for the inconvenience. Those who placed should have received rewards. If you didn't receive cards purchased through the Sealed option, please contact support@kingdomsccg.com.


- tournament max players set to 32 (to keep the duration shorter)
- lowered battle duration for tournaments from 3.5min per fight to 3min
- lowered deck building time from 4min to 3min
- clarified the next tournament in label to indicate when registration opens
- Stuttershock Elf and Mindgripper now work properly on a Banish
- Master the Elements now properly checks ally team only
- Amarus can now target corpses with Raise Dead when his slots are occupied by corpses
- recent tournaments is temporarily disabled until we identify it as the source of the tournament crashes
- can no longer time out during a tournament


Tournaments Temporarily Down

Hi all,

We apologize for the inconvenience but will be taking down all scheduled tournaments until we can figure out the source of the bug. We hope to have tournaments back on line tomorrow evening.

We appreciate your patience.

Kingdoms CCG


Patch v0.9.4 (Tournaments) IS LIVE!

v0.9.4 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 4:00pm on 5/10/13


ARE HERE! and for the first 5-7 days they will be completely free for everyone to play! Read the full tournament preview here for details: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/3825


There is now a sideboard option when building a deck. Check out our tournament preview for more information.


- Ravinova Transpose text fix. Now reads "Enemy hero loses 3 charges; Then Ravinova gains mana equal to the charges lost this way"
- Empower now properly gives the Strong buff instead of the 'has' effect
- Big Frosted Giant got a bit of a redesign. Now whenever he is dealt damage, opposing creature becomes Slow
- Sylph Mindsapper now shows proper damage when he damages heroes
- Spiritual Gathering now properly works over corpses
- Mundane now properly affects creatures with Haste
- Spiked Armor wording now properly references the functionality
- Fixed some campaign mob abilities
- Modified view deck screen in guilds


v0.9.3.7 is Live! Tournaments Coming Next Week!

v0.9.3.7 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 1:30 on 5/3/13

Hero Changes

Changed to a 14/3 hero.
Prototype - 4 Charges
Put a copy of target non-token ally card with mana cost 3 or less into your hand
Transpose - 6 Charges
Enemy hero loses 3 charges and Ravinova gains 1 mana for each charge lost this way
*Note: is no longer targeted*
Drain Life
Target creature loses 2 HP and Abaddon gains 1HP for each HP lost this way
Now deals damage before removing resist
Renamed 'Frightful Flight'
Target creature gains Flying and Intimidate


- Optimized the card selection effect (should increase performance)
- Wilrius 'Penitence' ability now properly uses the creature as the source of damage
- Cleaned up a lot of unused assets, decreased over all game size by 10% (which should decrease load times by that)
- New 'Basic' deck rule was added. This shouldn't affect anyone, it's just for clarity with tournaments.
- Gem price on Corrode was improperly 10 Gems, now 5
- Live play battle time goes red and pops at 10s now instead of 5s
- Fixed some issues with liveplay out of syncs

Special Thanks

A HUGE special thanks to our player 'City' (the maker of the awesome Kingdoms CCG song) for providing us with some half-time pizza to keep us fueled through tournament feature creation!