Patch v0.9.2 is Live!

v0.9.2 Dev Notes

New Campaign

The long awaited new campaign experience is here!

What you can expect to see:
The new campaign will take you from Tutorial Island, to Old Capital City, and down to the Willow of Souls with many stops in between, fighting monsters and facing challenges greater than you’ve ever seen before. Expect a much longer campaign experience with much more replayability.
Challenge Battles: Deal with deck and hero restrictions, devastating global world effects and starting board states to win greater than normal rewards. Return to try to beat the bonus conditions for even more prizes.
Search Nodes: Spend energy, get stuff! A simple task for a simple reward. Keep coming back to get more. Once you have exhausted a search node of all its resources you’ll get free gems!
Merchants: Merchants have new items every day! Check back constantly to see what is for sale.
Chests: Magical chests that somehow refill themselves with treasure. Check back every day to see what you can win.
Wells: Rest at a well to replenish your energy. Some wells are special and are filled with other items as well!
Dungeons: The coliseums of Euna bring the strongest warriors, wizards and warlords together to compete in competition. Show off your skills to earn prizes and glory, with leader boards so you can brag to your friends and, the world!
Lore Nodes: Time capsules containing the history of Euna. (These will be added in a later patch)
The campaign is designed for new players so as a warning, story and progression may not be ideal with an older account many story bits are tied to card and hero unlocks. That said, older players can expect to a fair amount of difficulty from trying to complete all the Bonus Conditions in Challenge Nodes, earning themselves a nice amount of gems and gold in the process.
This is only the first part of the campaign. Expect further updates exploring more of Euna in the future!

New Cards

There are a bunch of new CORE and EVE cards added to help balance out the set. These cards will be available in the dynamic market and packs immediately. In addition to this we will also offer a new bundle to allow you to catch up immediately!
Note: Please excuse the overlapping titles on some cards, there's an issue with our card renderer atm.
There will be 15 NEW Core cards added, including: 4 Common, 5 Uncommon, 5 Rare and 1 Legendary

There will be 13 NEW Eve cards added, including: 4 Common, 8 Uncommon and 1 Legendary

Catch Up Bundle

We created a new bundle for a limited time that will include the new cards so you can easily catch up! There will be 2 versions of the bundle. Each bundle will include 1 of the two new Legendary creatures, as well as all other new cards (26 total, 8 Common, 13 Uncommon, 5 Rare). Each bundle will be $20 or 225 Kreds. All cards acquired through this bundle will also have LE Gold etching!

Card Balance Tweaks

In an effort to stimulate the meta game we reviewed all cards and made many balance tweaks with the goal of creating more diversity. To help you understand some of the reasons for the change, here is the outline some of our design goals:
  • Create more deck variation by reviewing power levels of all cards to make sure they are in their respective classes
  • Remove 'Hero Usage' restricted benefits from cards and make them based on creatures instead, this will allow them to be more widely used
  • Increase the usage of Gear by adjusting the gear removal. The goal with this is to make Gear more widely used by all Heroes, and not just Dravkas. Note: Heroes will be further reviewed for patch v0.9.3
  • Increase the usage of buff cards by generally reducing their costs across the board, or adding a more significant effect. This is to warrant the vulnerable mana investment into a creature
  • Make combo/situational cards more accessible
While we do promise not to do an overhaul of this magnitude again (we understand the disruption it causes the players), we do recognize even with the beta team that we're not perfect and there could likely be further changes made in later patches for extreme imbalanced cases.
  This is a current list of active balance tweaks. As usual, if these cards were purchased in the dynamic market for GEMS, players will be able to trade them back in via support@kingdomsccg.com Note: These are the current changes, and are subject to further change before release. We encourage as many as possible to try the new versions out before rushing to trade them back in. Note: you CANNOT trade in until the patch is live.
For those who bought bundles with cash or Gems that had cards affected (Abysmal Dragon, Erratic Werewolf) we are allowing you to trade in that card for 75 Gems each. Any additional of those you request to trade in must have been purchased with Gems

Hero Balance Tweaks

Certain Heroes required a few balance adjustments for this patch. For next patch (v0.9.3) we will be focusing heavily on the overall Hero balance and design to ensure that all Heroes are flexible with deck design strategies and power levels are balanced.

Arena Rules

There is now a maximum of 4 Legendaries in the Standard ruleset.

Energy Upgrades

The energy upgrade system and costs have been reworked to be more predictable for the new campaign system. All players have been fully reimbursed.


- Added an All filter in the collection page
- Added a half turn indicator on the turn number in battle
- Fixed the server crashing issue
- New fonts were added that support multiple languages and should be easier to read!
- Truncated a few card names so they dont overlap Mana costs
- Lots of optimizations
- Deck Editor search for Heroes now works properly
- Fixed some gear interactions with indestructible and certain spells. Now the gear MUST be destroyed for the effect to trigger.
- Fixed Pureheart Martyr (now works as intended on 'other' allies)
- Duplicate now triggers the on enter effect of Gear
- Ability Shift no longer steals from a corpse
- Essence shift will no longer kill a creature with Reassemble, then steal HP from the Skeleton
- Goblin Depleter no longer drains charges when damage is 0


Game Update and Steam Video Interview!

Hi all!

We recently did an interview with the cool people down at Greenlitgaming.com, a site that specializes in promoting indie games trying to get Greenlit.

Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfX52IEmXfE

and as a friendly reminder, PLEASE vote for us to be greenlit, it would be huge for us!

Vote here:  http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=94181730

For those with reservations, the common question seems to be "Do you keep your account if we go on Steam?" And the answer is - Absolutely! Just because we go on Steam doesn't mean you won't be able to access the game anymore, it will just add more players to battle with which would help us produce more content, features and more!

Thanks all!

PS. Patch v0.9.2 with the brand new campaign experience, along with balance tweaks will be arriving by Monday the 28th at the latest!

Happy Battling :)


Happy New Year! (v0.9.1.7 is live!)

Antic would like to wish a Happy New Year to all our KCCG players out there!

We had a little break for the holidays but are now back in full steam working on the new campaign experience, balance tweaks, tournaments and more!

v0.9.1.7 is now live which includes a bunch of little crash issues.

If you missed any of the KCCG podcasts, be sure to check them out here: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/2215

Happy Battling!