Balance Tweaks

- Omni Cloak now costs 5 (was 3)
- Grand Summoner now costs 3 (was 2)


Card Tweaks

Gameplay Balancing
- Swift Ghoul no longer has Pierce



Card Tweaks

- Flightless Fae is now a 3/1 that costs 3 (was 4)



There is a new main screen in now as well as the campaign progression system - to unlock new campaigns you need to purchase the tier 1 hero for Gold or Gems.

Please take a look around and send us your feedback!

Balance Tweaks
- Flightless Fae Knight now has Resist 1 instead of Dust
- Undead Doomsayer is now a 2/3 that costs 3. He now has Regen and no longer has pierce
- Anti-Air Cannon is now a 2/2 (was a 3/2)
- Dwarven Sot now costs 4 (was 3)
- Ancient Being now has Splash 1


Card Tweaks

- Ladders have been readjusted to a Bronze, Silver and Gold theme (You will need to re-enter them)

Balance Tweaks
- Deathless Wyvern no longer has Reassemble
- Tiny Titan is now a 1/2 with Splash 1 and no longer has intimidate
- Berserker Gnome now costs 3 (was 2)

Bug Fixes
- Game now works in IE! Rejoice!


New Battle UI

The new battle system UI is in.. give it a play and send us your feedback please.

Stay tuned for the new deck manager tomorrow.


Card Tweaks

Balance Tweaks
- Fire Bolt now costs 2 (was 1)
- Undying Acolyte now costs 3 and has Reassemble


Alpha Account Reset

Due to some significant back end changes we have just done an account reset on the alpha version. They shouldn't be too frequent and we'll give more of a headsup next time :)


Card Tweaks

- Armored Dillo now has 2 HP (was 3)
- Plenty now costs 0 (was 1)
- Ravenous Gull now costs 1 (was 2)
- Young Apprentice now longer has Resist
- Boltling now longer has haste
- Skeleton Warrior now long has dust


Content Update

New Heroes
- Tier 1 Heroes have been added for all Kingdoms

Balance Tweaks

- Ghoul now has 1 attack (was 2)


UI Changes

Today we've done a fair amount of UI changes including:
- Hero Manager revamped, should be much more intuitive and informative
  • Heroes collected will appear at the start of the list now
  • You can no longer upgrade heroes you don't currently have
  • Amount of upgrades required have been shown in the abilities
  • # of unused stars has been added to the hero manager button
  • Statistics have been added again

- Store has been updated to show the actual currency cost
- Pack purchase popup has been tweaked
- Main login screen has a background


Balance Tweaks

- Siphon Mana ability now requires 4 charges (was 3)