Todays Update

Battle Tweaks

- All battles now cost 3 energy instead of 5! and there was much rejoicing
- Multiplayer battles now reward 150 for a victory and 75 for defeat!

Store Tweaks

- Epic packs can now be purchased for 25k Gold
- Tier 3 heroes can now be purchased for 100k Gold

- There is now a nifty invite button in the bottom left to make it nice and easy for you guys to invite your friends! We'll wait here while you do that :)
UI Tweaks
- Remove the small blue button from the player row in the ladder page to go to their profile; now to view someones profile simply click on their player icon!
- Disabled hero abilities are now much more distinct from active ones
- More hero ability icons have been added

Everyone also got a full energy refill!

And just a reminder to please rate the game if you haven't yet.. the higher the rating, the more exposure we get and the more cool stuff we can add! and be sure to join our Facebook page for chances to win Free gems - http://www.facebook.com/KingdomsCCG

Card Discussions and Gem Contests

Hi all,

Today we're discussing the new epic card in the starter bundle: the Realm Sworn Bard.

Discuss your comments here for a chance to win free gems!


And be sure to include your in game name in your post!


Todays Update

Hi All,

We've been busy! We had a few updates just roll out, including:
- All tier 1 heroes now have their starter decks
- Theres now a "Set" filter button in the deck manager
- More hero ability pictures
- Akatril's 1st ability now upgrades properly
- and a few more minor bug fixes :)

Happy Battling!

Hero Ability Bug Fixes

Hi All,

We have identified the issue with the hero ability bugs (affecting calm, warcry and a few others) as well as another issue that affecting some charge abilities. They have been fixed, tested and now pushed live!

Thanks for your patience :)


Kingdoms Update

Today's update included:

 - Starter Bundle is now available in the store that contains an exclusive card! (It's under Bundles & More!)
 - Campaign battles replays now yield reward, but cost energy. Unbeaten campaign battles still require no energy
 - Difficulty unlocking has been adjusted so that you must beat the entire campaign on a mode to unlock the next (Beat story to unlock hard on battle 1, etc)
 - Gems are now rewarded for completing the campaign mode entirely (for the first time). Any players who already beat it will unfortunately have to beat it again to get their gems.
 - Quick Battle now yields a reward as well, similar to the ladders

 - Descriptions have been updated on all cards to include what type of damage is dealt. A sword indicates physical damage, and a spell indicates magic damage
 - New Epic Card "Realm Sworn Bard" was added for the Starter Bundle. It's a 4 mana cost 1/2 Non-aligned creature with Regen that buffs adjacent allies Attack and HP by 1

Bug Fixes:
 - Profile images can now be selected properly
 - Golemnify now shows a proper token image
 - Fixed a semi-rare error that occurred on battle complete
 - Fixed a loading error
 - Added more logging to track bugs easier


Monday Dev Update

We survived our first weekend of being live, yay! To celebrate, we're fixing some bugs we found :)

To highlight a few of our plans for this week:
- Add replay rewards for campaign battles (this will unfortunately require energy to avoid abuse)
- Add a daily treasure chest that can yield awesome rewards (gems, gold, cards etc)
- Adjust how the campaign difficulty will be unlocked (you will need to beat the entire mode to unlock the next difficulty)
- Tier 1 heroes will include the appropriate starter deck that should help you on your campaigns (existing players who bought it will be given the starting deck on the next update)
- Lots of bug fixes :)

This update is scheduled to happen this week.

And a warning/reminder to our hacking friends: Any player who is caught hampering with an account to abuse the game will result in either a reset of account or permanent ban.

That's it for now guys, thanks for playing!


Late night update!

We pushed in a few tweaks late this evening
- new campaign difficulty mode "Insane Mode"
- single store is safe to buy from
- campaign images upgraded
- gold rewards for campaigns have been adjusted and progression made a little easier
- difficulty curve adjusted for newer players
- plus some random bug fixes!

Morning Updates: Bug Fixes!

- Fixed a loading error where sometimes it would stick at 50%
- Fixed the -currency bug
- Fixed another loading issue that would cause a NetStatus0 on login


Todays Update

- you now earn gold on a loss in the arena
- many arena deck exploits were fixed

- lots of little bugs
- fixed some rendering on the cards



We are LIVE!!

Thanks all to our awesome focus and beta testers that helped with the process.

Once you guys register, shoot an email in and we'll set you up with some Gems.


Live is Approaching!

Hi all,

This Friday evening we plan to do a soft live launch of the game! (cue the party hats) Thank you all for the feedback and testing through the alpha stage.

Once we flip the switch to live there will be no more account resets. An email will be coming out shortly to all of you who participated with further details.

- Kingdoms CCG Dev Team


Card Balancing

- Natures Retribution now costs 4 and does 2 damage to each hero for each creature they have (was 2 cost and 1 damage)


Card Balancing

- Diminish now removes up to 3 charges from enemy hero abilities (was previously ALL charges from both heroes)


Card Balancing

- Deep Thought now costs 3 (1 cost for 2:1 card value was just too cheap)
- Ravenous Gull now costs 2 (was 1)
- Aegis Shield now has a play effect (ally creatures gain armor 1)
- Gift of the Mystics has different functionality, now it makes cards you play this turn cost 1 less
- Volatile Concoction now damages enemy creatures only
- Spined Batrider is now a 2/2 (was a 3/2)
- Ancient Being now gives adjacent allies Splash 1 instead of 2


Card Tweaks

Balance Tweaks:
- Most creatures with Haste now cost 1 more mana
- Quickdraw Cannon now costs 3 (was 2)
- Omnicloak is back to 4 cost
- Grand Summoner is now a 1/2 that costs 3
- Rune Tome now works for 1 additional turn on rune cards, not 2
- Mana Sprite no longer has Timid
- War Drums now costs 4 (was 5)
- Spiked Armor now costs 5 (was 6)
- Toxic Concoction now costs 3 (was 2)
- Volatile Concoction now damages enemy creatures only


Balance Testing

What we're looking for:
- broken combos (can kill on turn 0/1)
- overpowered cards (seem a little too strong for their cost/rarity)
- underpowered/underwhelming cards (keep in mind rarity for these)
- general thoughts about what cards are just fun to use
- also looking for hero feedback of similar content (ability fun factor/overpowered)

One thing we've noticed so far is the Gold ladder can impose some busted combos given the fact you can use any number of any card - we may need to limit this to 5 or something :)

Please use the thread here: http://forum.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/38


Friday Updates

 - lots of new UI screens
 - campaign difficulty and starter decks have been tuned
 - battle has a lot more information going on including an attack sequence from top to bottom
 - profile images: you can now unlock and choose a profile image - players will be able to see these in the new ladder system (forthcoming)
 - a new rarity: Legendary has been added
 - Players now have access to all cards and heroes.. let the deck testing being!

Details on what we're looking for to follow.


Card Balancing

Alpha Players -
Tentative beta launch day is May 15th. In the next few days we plan on giving everyone access to all the cards in order to do some heavy card balancing.

The goal will be to look for any imbalanced or underpowered cards.

Stay tuned for more info!