KCCG Podcast #7 is Live!

Hey all!

We just finished uploading our latest podcast where we discuss and preview patch v0.9.3, upcoming Hero balances, community Q&A and more!

You can view it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccJ28cZ1mks&feature=youtu.be

Please be sure to leave comments/suggestions on our forum!



KCCG Radio Podcast #6 is Live!

Hey all!

We just finished recording our latest Kingdoms CCG podcast where we discuss the new campaign, the upcoming arena revamp and more! For those who don't know what it's all about - a group of players and a few developers (myself aka Jeffo, Phil and Dave) all hop on skype and have a chat about the game as well as preview upcoming features!

Have a listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYzlenrvmdA

Enjoy! and if you're interested in having questions answered, be sure to post on the forum: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=forum/3



v0.9.2.6 is Live! Progression Bug Fixed

v0.9.2.6 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 21:30 on 2/18/13


- Olfaan, Alisten, Petrice, Wilrius, Amarus and Crutomist Challenge: Deck restrictions changed to 20-40 cards.
- Poisoning the Well: Now requires 16 cards

- Deck restrictions on most Boss Battles have all been changed to 20-40 cards.
- Fixed the starting charge amount of the final boss.

Campaign Progression Bug

- The key/gate issue that has affected a minority of players has been fixed. It will require you to beat the node containing the key again. Upon completion it should grant a key


Campaign Progression Bug

We are aware of an issue that some players are facing, halting their progress in the campaign. Some players are unable to open the gate just before entering the Maze Marsh, even if they have won the battle that should have gave the key in the Rune Bay. We will be fixing this with our next update.

If you are facing this issue, please email support@kingdomsccg.com with your in game username and any other details about the situation so we can fix your account during the next update.
We apologize for the inconvenience this issue may have caused to affected players. Thank you to those who pointed it out.


v0.9.2.4 is Live!

v0.9.2.4 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 3pm on 2/8/13


Amorya Challenge:
- A.I. now starts with two less mana
Crutomist Challenge
- Bonus condition changed - "Win in 4 6 turns or less"
Boss Battles
The Impasse
- Removed one of the Relentless Bones that the A.I. starts with.


- added subtypes to Gear (Armor, Weapon, Relic)


- Misc battle crashes fixed
- Sylph Assassin now has subtype Elf Rogue
- Gnome Map Maker now has subtype Gnome Artificer
- Wyrm Egg now has subtype Wyrm Egg
- Abomination now has subtype Zombie Construct
- Mindpierce Ranger now has subtype Human Archer
- Morphing Remains now has subtype Zombie Construct
- Hero Ability tooltips and slide out got a UI rework


v0.9.2.2 is Live!

v0.9.2.2 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 5:30 on 2/5/13


Spooky Stone prices have been adjusted
Harpy: Deck has been slightly tweaked
Amorya Challenge: A.I. deck slightly tweaked
West Monastery: A.I. deck slightly tweaked


- we now support Italian, Spanish and German! More languages coming soon, as well as separate chat channels


- main screen now has an indicator for how many active wars you have going
- players who join half way through a war won't be able to participate in it


- Fae Mischief no longer puts the stolen gear in the enemys discard pile
- Fixed Timid attack issue
- Timid is now a status effect
- Erratic Werewolf no longer has Timid
- Soothesayer now gives Timid on enter
- Aryn Knight-Damned no longer causes you to lose life when another ally dies while Aryn is a corpse


v0.9.2.1 is Live!

v0.9.2.1 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 6pm on 2/1/13


- New battle and search node added before The Impasse
- New battle and challenge added in The Great Forest
- Nodes that had a 24 hour cooldown now have a 23 hour cooldown. This was changed to help players who play at the same time every day avoid a “run-away” cooldown timer as it would be pushed back slightly every day
-New card reward added before Crutomist Challenge
Mermaid Tyrant: Suppress ability text fixed. Now correctly reads “Enemy creatures cannot enter play with abilities”
Amorya Challenge:
- A.I. deck was tuned slightly
Amarus Challenge:
- Deck restrictions changed: 20-30 cards.
- Bonus condition changed: Win in 9 or more turns
- A.I. deck was tuned slightly
Holy Survival Challenge:
Now has a max of 4 legendaries
Pauper Challenge:
The Mad Man got a new deck and did some working out! Even if you beat this one already, it may be worth checking out again for a surprise!
(This challenge was made significantly harder)
Crutomist Challenge:
- A.I. deck tweaked
- A.I. starts with slightly less mana
Alisten Challenge>:
- Bonus condition changed

Boss Battles
West Monastery:
- A.I. Deck tuned slightly
The Burning Tree:
- Energy cost reduced to 5.
Old Capital City Boss
- A.I. Deck tweaked slightly
- A.I. starts with slightly less mana


Beginner Arena
- Now costs 1 energy (was 4)
- Win gold is 25 (was 100)
- Loss gold is 0 (was 50)


- Core collector achievement bug fixed
- Relentless Charge now displays +2 attack properly
- Rejuve Potion now gives Charges properly into random abilities instead of always the same one
- Channel's bonus Mana gain condition now triggers properly
- Minor campaign UI polish
- Longest Victory stat now recording properly
- Clicking on Chests on world map without energy crash fix
- Mana gain effect now plays when you play a spell and gain mana equal to what you started with
- Guild message box allows more text now