Happy Holidays!

It's Christmas Eve and time to enjoy some the holidays with friends, families, and, of course, guild mates.

Don't forget to play Kingdoms CCG tomorrow to receive your FREE copy of our new Holiday card Spirit of Giving. Just log in any time from 12:01 am EST to 11:59 pm EST (aka New York time) and the card will be added to your account. Note that just like with Firstborn of Euna, if it doesn't appear immediately, just log out and back in again and the card will be there.

And what would the holidays be without some gifts? So for our final blog post of the year we've got three surprises for you:

A New Ability

One of the most requested abilities to be added to Kingdoms has been "This Creature can not be destroyed." I'm pleased to announce this ability - to be known as Indestructible - will appear in the game alongside Light Ascending. Look for this icon:

Cards with this ability will be unaffected by Destroy Effects - Realm Crusher, Divine Wrath, Tribute to the Gods, Echo Blast... none of these cards can destroy this creature. It won't stop damage of any sort though.

How many cards will have this icon in Light Ascending? Well... none. But it may just appear on a buff to one of our existing Heroes, and of course you can pull out those Engine Oils and get lucky!

New Cards

Here are three cards with powerful effects that should find their place in the new metagame, and have amazing art to match.

And yes, we're reading your comments on these cards. We've seen the feedback on our first preview card and will be making adjustments to tone down its power.


New Hero

Wait what? Yes, in our two recent podcasts we eluded to working on a set of six new heroes. This is true and they will be coming in either Q1 or Q2 of 2015. Here is the very first look at a sketch of one of these heroes. We received this today and just had to share it.

He appears to be an Undead spell caster of some sort... I wonder what his ability set could be...

So have fun, enjoy the holidays and get some good battles in!



Update... and a New Card!

Hi Kingdoms Fans,

We've been working away at programming and testing the new cards in Light Ascending and the set is coming along nicely. As it's SO hard to keep these cards under wraps, we've got our first preview card today!

But first, we're also looking at ways to improve the game as a whole. One of the areas that we have singled out as needing improvement is Crafting.

Note: if you we're planning on scrapping a Rare card for essence... don't.

Today, if you scrap a Rare there is a chance that you will only get a Crafting Stone, and as you need way more essence than stones, that's just terrible.

With our next release we are eliminating the chance to only get a stone when scrapping. You will still be able to get a stone with your Uncommons and Rares, but you'll always get essence as well.

We're currently testing some other changes to crafting as well, but we'll tell you more about that in the new year.

Onto the preview!

In every new set, we look for those never-before seen abilities that have the potential to turn the game on its head. For our first preview card we have an amazing new Relic with card text that dramatically changes the battlefield when it is your turn.

Introducing Inverted Hourglass*:

"Enemy creatures do not have abilities" No Resist. No Armor. No Manacycle. No Reassemble... Combat on your turn will be completely different with the Hourglass in play.

And the On enter trigger cannot be overlooked either. It holds back an aggressive team for two turns as you set up the perfect response.

Expect the game to get turned upside down when the Inverted Hourglass arrives in January!

* Card is currently in testing and is still subject to change.


Light Ascending: Card Art Previews

We've just posted 8 all-new art previews on our official Facebook page. We'll be posting more images through December and early January, along with actual card shots as they get through testing.

Our challenge to you - guess the card names and abilities! Post your guesses in the photo's comments.

You can find the photos here: https://www.facebook.com/KingdomsCCG


Update is Live

Hey Kingdoms fans!

Our latest update is now live! Log in any time between today and January 1 to get your FREE copy of Firstborn of Euna.

And as a special surprise, we have a second free card for you!

Login on Christmas Day 2014 and you will receive a copy of our brand, new Holiday promo - Spirit of Giving!

Here she is:

Yes, on each player's turn, their enemy will draw a card with cost equal to the current turn (psst - since you played it, the first trigger will be your enemy giving YOU a card).

If you can't wait until Christmas, or want more copies, she's available now in the Holiday singles shop.

Here is the full list of changes and fixes in today's release:

  1. Firstborn of Euna added to the game. NOTE: Invoked has been replaced by Burn on this card.
  2.  Login Award system added. Firstborn will be awarded one per account using this system*. DO NOT SCRAP THIS CARD. You cannot get a second copy at this time.
  3. Spirit of Giving added to the Holidays singles shop.
  4. Login Award set up for Dec. 25 to give out one copy of Spirit of Giving per account. Ho ho ho.
  5. Tribes 2 is back in the singles shop.
  6. Nomad's "Steal Card" had its lame name changed to "Acquire" and has been given new art.
  7. Nomad's 7th Star is now working properly.
  8. Nomad's Grand Theft ability text has been made more clear.
  9. Deny has had its length returned back to 5 as it was prior to the last push.
  10. All of the Concealed Dagger triggers are working properly again.
  11. The Opuses have been fixed.
  12. Reconstruct can now only return gear up to mana cost of 5.
  13. Empower can now only remove up to 4 abilities. See below for an explanation.
  14. In our ongoing effort to make small buffs to underplayed Epic cards we've made these two changes...
  15. Aegis Shield can now prevent up to 5 damage before it is destroyed.
  16. Myriad of Dryads' cost has been reduced from 7 to 6.
** If you do not see your Firstborn of Euna the first time you log in. Please log out and back in, then check Collection->Promo. It should be there. **

About Empower: With the release of Firstborn of Euna, and knowing that the next set contains a good number of cards that give abilities, we have decided to make a pre-emptive limitation on the card. This card should have had a limit on it from day one, but as creatures in Eve rarely had more than 2 abilities, we're sure it didn't seem like a problem at the time. Also note that with the ability to grant +4/+4 for just 2 mana, it is still the most powerful buff spell in the game. A 7/7 with 2 abilities is nothing to laugh at.

* New accounts will not receive this card during their first play. They will need to log out and back in again to receive the promo.


Release Update

On Dec. 11 we will be releasing our next update to Kingdoms CCG.

We'll save the complete release notes until that day, but we wanted to let you that the release will include the release of Firstborn of Euna.

How do you get your FREE copy of this powerful Legend?

Just. Log. In.

That's right. Play any time between December 11 and January 1, and upon logging in you will receive your copy of Firstborn (one card awarded per account).

Want to see how the card will look in game, with its final cost and ability? Well here he is:

Yep, when the Firstborn dies, instead of leaving a corpse he leaves behind the Child of Euna, but she's not the innocent girl seen here. She grows up:

Her abilities are random so there are over a million different combinations.

So again, thank you from the team here at Ganz for sticking with Kingdoms CCG throughout 2014.

And be here this Thursday for another special announcement to make your holiday season a little more... Giving.



Battered down the Dark Alliance, the Kingdoms of the Light retreated, their armies exhausted. Just as all seemed lost, a new champion emerges - an angel of unmatched strength and ferocity. Now it is time for the Light to shine! Raise the guard, for the Light shall ascend!

Light Ascending is a 55-card set, spotlighting the power of the Light alliance.


1 Legendary
9 Epic
15 Rares
15 Uncommons
15 Commons

29 Light Alliance cards, 21 Dark Alliance cards and 5 Unaligned


Watch the Blog for card previews and join the discussion in the forums!


Fixes on live

Well today's release did not go as smoothly as hoped. We discovered code that needed to be removed before going live, and found that not all of our versions matched what was on live. We did catch some (our version still had Untouchable at 2/5) but not all of them (Where did the Tribes 2 cards go?).

We've learned a lot and will strive to make the next release much smoother.

As for the issues that remained on live:

1) Crutomist's Entangle is back to the way it was. We were testing adding Immolate to the ability based on community feedback, but forgot to pull it out when we decided to hold Cruto's update back for another release.

2) Akatril's Seraph Embrace is now described properly on her hero page. This ability only targets Light Alliance creatures (Holy, Mystical or Ancient).

3) All of the login issues should now be resolved.

As for the Tribes 2 cards not appearing in the store. This will be fixed in the next update. The cards can still be played with and seen in your collection, they just aren't appearing in singles.

Note this doesn't affect your ability to trade your Manacycle Wizards. Just send us an email at kingdomsccgsupport@ganz.com and we will make the exchange for you.

And finally, Bahamut's change was not intended as a Buff or review of the hero. It was just a good requested change that was easy to implement and perfect for his flavour.

As it was a rough day, here's a little extra for you... card art from the next set...

A New Era Begins

It has been a long time coming, but we're proud to have released our first content update. Our goal with this release was to shake up the metagame by rebalancing some heroes and cards, and releasing the first new hero in ages - Nomad. A full list of changes in below.

We now move on to focusing on our first card set. Look for an official announcement soon!

Full Release Notes: November 24, 2014

  1.  AI Fixes: Can be seen in AI Arena play and during Guild Wars.
    a. AI: Reconstruct will now target your own discard pile.
    b. AI: Demonic Thoughts will now be used on your own hero.
    c. AI: Golemnify will target opponent's creatures.
    d. AI: Nethergods Will will target opponent's creatures.
    e. AI: Frantic Search will target your own hero.
  2. Dravkas revision: Tinker moved from 3 to 5 charges. Augment moved from 5 to 4 charges.  Manufacture (7 charge) has not been changed.
  3. Noran revision: Inspiration (4 charge) now reduces mana cost of spells only. Polymorph moved to 7 charges
  4. Akatril’s Seraph Embrace will now give +1 Strength, +1 Health, Flying and Blessed (Charges 5)
  5. Akatril’s Divine Summoning (Charges 6) will now clear all corpses and creates an Angel token. That token now has a cost of 4. New ability with new ability art.
  6. Alisten’s 3 charge ability is now Imposing Visage – Creature gains Timid. New ability, with new ability art.
  7. Alisten’s Summon Whelp moved from 5 charges to 4.
  8. Alisten’s Dragon Calling moved from 4 to 6, now says “Draw a card. The next creature card you play with a cost of 5+ costs 3 less mana.
  9. Petrice’s Sprinkle Dust now reads “Gain 1 mana. Ally creatures gain Dust.” – It is no longer targeted.
  10. Petrice’s Swipe (4 charges) now reads “Steal 1 strength and an ability from opposing creature. That creature gains Dust.”
  11. Petrice’s Mystic Shroud (5 charges) now gives 2 Health, not 1.
  12. Bahamut’s ability Dragon Form (7 charge) now makes the creature it targets a Dragon in addition to its other subtypes.
  13. Nomad has been made active.
  14. Nomad is selling in the store for 90,000 gold or 69 Gems.
  15. Nomad’s 10 achievements have been added.
  16. The card “Dirty Fuel” (RISE Uncommon) now reads “Your hero Mills 5 and gains 3 mana. Banish those cards.”
  17. The card “Quickdraw Cannon” (CORE Rare) now reads “Whenever you draw a card: Deal 1 damage to an enemy creature. If none, deal 1 damage to enemy Hero instead.”
  18. The card “Manacycle Wizard” (Tribes Two Epic) now reads “On Death: Gain 2 Mana.” No longer has Allegiant, Manacycle reduced to 3.
  19. The card Caindra (Tribes Legendary) now has a Health of 4 (was 3)
  20. The card Dark Spectre (Tribes Epic) now has a cost of 5 (was 6)
  21. Spirit Sceptor has been renamed Spirit Scepter. Now has a cost of 3, was 2.
  22. The Kingdom-specific card packs now include cards from Rise.
NOTE: In regards to the change in the card Manacycle Wizard: while we still see this card as one of the most powerful in the game - a Dirty Fuel on legs with no drawback - we recognize that it is no longer as powerful as it was. Therefore, we will be giving all players the option to trade in their Manacycle Wizards for any other Tribes Two Epic card. If you would like to do so, please send a message to kingdomsccgsupport@ganz.com and indicate the Epic that you wish to receive in return. Please note, that this is a one time exchange only, we will not reverse the exchange under any circumstance.

KNOWN ISSUE: Not all of the new content has been translated into all supported languages. If you do not play in English, you will see some English in your game.


Changes coming on Monday

Hello Kingdoms Community!

We have decided to hold off releasing the game changes until Monday (Nov. 24). It took us longer to get through testing the changes than we had expected, and we don't want to release late on a Friday and risk having an issue over the weekend.

A note to our Guild players. We'll be updating the servers around 9 am EST on Monday. After this time, the abilities of a number of Heroes and cards will have changed. We recommend that you log in as soon as you can to ensure that you're still happy with your Guild Defence deck. We will be releasing a full list of the changes along with the release.

And to get your deckbuilding juices flowing over the weekend, we're happy to present to you the new Petrice, Alisten and for the first time... NOMAD.


Update 2

Hey Kingdoms fans,

Back with another update! We're closing in on the release of our first update. We're aiming for the week of November 17th, and will post another update next week to tell you how we're doing.

We're also proud to announce that we've begun the artwork for our next set. I've got our first sketch to show you below, and will be showing more sketches as they come in.

To keep you talking over the weekend, we're ready to reveal the first of our Buffed Heroes. Yes, buffed!

HP 16, Mana 2

Justice Strike (4 charges): Deals 2 piercing damage to target creature. If that creature is 'Token', deals 5 instead.

Seraph Embrace (5 charges): Target Light Alliance creature gains +1/+1, Flying and Blessed.

Divine Summoning (6 charges): Remove all corpses.Then summon a 3/3 Angel token with Flying and a mana cost of 4 into an empty Ally slot.

Akatril keeps her powerful removal on 4, gains a much stronger 5, and her 6 will now always get an Angel... and that Angel won't easily be dispatched. The Holy Kingdom will shine even brighter come our first release!

And in keeping with the reveals, here is how our promo Legendary is shaping up... with a first look at the art in progress!



Hi Players,

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update of where we're at with taking over Kingdoms CCG. We've had a bit of a delay taking over the day-to-day operations of the game, but we now have access to all of the tools, and will be ramping up this week.

We know that after such a long hiatus that you are all waiting anxiously for new content and a shake up of the metagame. We do not have final dates for any changes yet, but have an overall plan that I can share with you.

Here is our upcoming plan:

1) Content Release 1: Expected release: Mid-November. This will be our first update, so we're keeping it small, but significant. This update will contain the following changes:

  • Hero revisions: We currently have revisions slated for 6 heroes. We're very excited to get these revisions into your hands. We have been watching the hero discussions daily and they have directly influenced the changes we're making. This will be a huge shake up to the meta.
  • Nomad: We are hoping to get this long awaited hero into the game at this time. Two of his three abilities are well tested, and all of his art is ready to go. If not included in this release he will be released by the end of the year.
  • Kingdom Packs: Kingdom Packs will now include cards from Rise and Tribes.
  • Tournament Changes: We're going to review the current schedule and streamline it so that there is always one constructed and one limited format tournament being offered.
  • Getting the Ganz logo into the game: Gotta make it official so that we can start marketing!

2) Set Release 1: Expected release: Mid to late December. As stated previously, this will be a 55 card set. The key reason that this game will take longer to release is that we need to get the art completed. We will be working with the original artists of Kingdoms CCG, as well as working with a second well-known studio to get this art done as quickly as possible. That said art does take time and we want it to impressive! As the art starts coming in, we will start spoiling cards from this set.

3) Steam Release: Late December or Early January 2015. Our goal is to have the game on Steam by the end of the year, and are confident that we can do it. This won't have much impact on you as a player except that you other than seeing a LOT more players to compete against.

4) Set Release 2: Expected Release: Early 2015. Another 55 card set that will act as a mirror of the first set. What do I mean by that? More will be revealed soon.

And to end you off with another tease, here is a bit more of our special promo legendary:

Yes, that's six abilities. One from each of the six Kingdoms. And the card will have card text as well... How will you get this card? Anyone who plays the game between October 1, 2014 and the day that we release the card will receive it FREE. So if you know anyone who hasn't played in a while, let them know!



Hello Kingdoms CCG fans!

My name is Karl Borst and I am the Creative Director for Ganz, the proud new owners of Kingdoms CCG.

While this is my first post as myself, some of you will know me by my Kingdoms account name: EvilSquid. I began playing Kingdoms back in March 2013 and worked my way up to a spot in the top guild TAM where I battled fiercely for six months. I've put a ton of time and money (VIP Level 8) into Kingdoms and it is easily one of the best games I've ever played.

After hearing that the game had been put on hiatus, Ganz and Antic opened discussions about the purchase of the game. As with many things, these conversations took some time, but they are now complete and we are extremely pleased to be the new owners and managers of this great game.

We've got a ton planned for Kingdoms CCG moving forward. For this first post, I'll just focus on our immediate goals:

  1. Steam - After Kingdoms got greenlit earlier this year, getting the game onto Steam became our number one priority. Ganz has experience with Steam, having brought our kids MMO "Amazing World" to the platform a few months ago. Getting on Steam will dramatically expand our reach to bring new players into the game. And hey, the more players, the better.
  2. New Cards - You want them. We want them. As a player, I want them. Our strategy is going to be a little different from Antic's. Our plan is to release smaller sets, more often. Our first two booster sets will be just 55 cards, with later sets averaging about 100 cards. This will keep the game fresh and exciting, and keep the meta hopping.
  3. Hero Balancing - There are heroes that are rarely seen in competitive play and we want that to change. It is our goal to see every hero have strong builds that have a chance of winning a Standard tournament. To do so, we will be giving our weakest heroes a boost, and toning down the top tier slightly. While we understand that there will always be a Tier 1, we want the distance between Tier 1 and Tier 3 to be smaller. And we want your help for this! We will be engaging all of you to discuss the heroes that you most want to see improved.
  4. Marketing - Yes, marketing. Not as exciting as new cards, but just as important. It is a testament to the quality of this game that so many players have enjoyed the game, with almost no marketing. We want to bring in new players and bring back past players. With more players we'll have more competition, deeper guilds, and more tournaments.
I have so much more that I'd like to discuss - Android play, improving the Standard format, improving crafting and yes, oh yes, expanding the single player campaign - but I'll keep those topics for another day.

I will be posting in the forums as GANZ_Karl and will still be playing and chatting as EvilSquid. I look forward to discussing where you'd like to see the game go.

I'd like to personally thank Fredrik and Jeff for creating such an amazing game. We wouldn't be here without them.

Finally, we're working on a little thank you that we plan on giving out to all of our loyal players for sticking around during the hiatus. Here is a tease...

Epic News for Kingdoms!

Hi all,
After a long hiatus it brings us great pleasure to announce some very exciting news for the Kingdoms universe. For quite some time Antic Entertainment has been searching for the ideal partner to take over Kingdoms CCG, as we felt we couldn’t adequately support it to the level we desired.

As of today, Antic Entertainment has completed a sale of Kingdoms CCG with Ganz (http://www.ganz.com/).  Ganz will take over the ownership of the game and the responsibility of ongoing development, live production and expansion of Kingdoms to Steam effective immediately.

What this means for you:

  • Loads of new content
  • Much more frequent updates
  • New users to play with

There will of course be some ramp up time for Ganz to get Kingdoms back to full steam, but this is great news and we are very excited for what the future has in store. Ganz will truly bring Kingdoms to the next level.

Antic Entertainment would like to thank all of our loyal fans and supporters for sticking with us over the years and contributing to the great Kingdoms community that has developed. We wish you all the best and happy Battling!


Patch *v1.0.4.4* is live!

v1.0.4.4 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 3:45PM EST on Apr 15, 2014

Tribes Plus Dynamic Market

Tribes Plus has now been added to the dynamic market.


- fixed a bunch of localization issues
- fixed trigger conditions on all the magnum opuses


We've been Greenlit!

We are very proud and excited to announce that Kingdoms CCG has officially been Greenlit for Steam! We want to thank all our dedicated and passionate players who have stuck with the game since launch.

There is lots to figure out still so stay tuned for more information!

In the mean time, happy battlin'

- Jeffo


Tribes Plus Alchemy Availability

Hi all,

There was an error with the start date for Tribes Plus Alchemy, it was offset by a day. The bundle will be ready in approximately 1 hour when the servers rolls over to tomorrow.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

/Kingdoms CCG Team


Patch v1.0.4.2 is Live! Tribes Plus is back for a limited time!

v1.0.4.2 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 4:00PM EST on Feb 28, 2014

Tribes Plus BACK!

Back by popular demand are the Tribes Plus bundles. Starting with Holy today, and a new one will be available each week for the next 7 weeks!


- fixed a bunch of trigger issues with Concealed dagger and cards
Dark Apparition
Fanged Battling
Goblin Depleter
Knowledge seeker
Sylph Mind sapper
Charge Thief
Looming Dread
- Italian localizations updated


Patch v1.0.4.1 is live

v1.0.4.1 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 2:00PM EST on Feb 18, 2014


- fixed a bug with bulwark and destroyed creatures
- updated on death wording on some abilities
- fixed an issue with guild wars in the bronze league
- Tribes Two now shows up in collection


1.0.4 is Live!

*v1.0.4* Dev Notes

Pushed @ 11:00 am on 1/31/14

VIP system update!

We have decided to retroactively reward all our paying users in the VIP system. So all purchases done prior to the release of the VIP system of any Gem pack is now counted in your VIP level.

Tribes 2 bundle update

We have decided that we are going to do a second rotation of all the Tribes 2 bundles starting on February 28th!


- Fixed: Bruiser from Beyond now can not be blocked by 3 cost creatures.
- Fixed: Further fixes and text adjustments on Molten Elemental.
- Fixed: Turn to Wyrm should now work as intended.
- Adjusted: Untouchable has been changed to a 2/3 from a 2/5.
- Updated: Updated localizations
- Updated: Superrewards purchases of gem packs will now count towards VIP.


Tribes Plus Ancient fixes to come

Hi All,

We are embarrassed to say further bugs to the Tribes Two Plus Ancient bundle slipped through our systems.

A fix will be going out soon with a change to both these cards to make them function as intended.

Bruiser will not be able to be blocked by creatures with mana cost 3 or less.

Turn to Wyrm will make a wyrm if there is an empty slot available.


Patch v1.0.3.2 is Live!

*v1.0.3.2* Dev Notes
Pushed @ 4:00 on 1/13/14

- Changed Molten Elemental to fix underlying trigger issue
- Fixed an issue with loading the updated data files after an update
- Fixed a bug where Puresoul Cleric could be Polymorphed
New Molten Elemental