Eve Pre-release is Live!

"As the Great War approaches, each Kingdom searches deep within their armories and calls upon their great forge masters to craft the salvation they’ll need."

There will be a pre-sale available for 1 week before the live launch.

EVE Expansion Details
Overview: Eve packs a lot more power to the Kingdoms CCG universe - boasting powerful creatures, epic spells and new Kingdom specific gear, your heroes will now be able to hone their decks to their desires. 
Cards: There will be 140 cards (37 Common, 34 Uncommon, 48 Rare, 21 Epic)

PRE-SALE Details
Overview: There will be a limited edition box pre-sale available 1 week before the live launch. The box will include: 4 commons, 4 uncommons, 3 rares and 1 epic from the Eve set. Each card opened will also contain limited edition gold etching on it and allow you to play with the cards 1 week before everyone else. This offer is ONLY available during the week before launch. There is no limit on purchase amount.
Availability: June 27, 2012
Cost: 215 Gems

Launch Details
Availability: July 4th, 2012
Packs: Gold pack available for 40 gems or 18,000 gold. It will contain 1 rare, 2 uncommons and 3 commons with a chance for an epic.
Singles: A few singles will appear in the featured section of the store (coming soon)

Q: Will there be a limit on how many I can buy?
A: Nope! There is no limit on how many you can buy. Try to get a complete limited gold text set!

Q: Will the limited edition box be available after launch?
A: Nope! You can only get them during the pre-release!

Q: Can I foil a Gold text card?
A: Absolutely! The two effects compound for extra pimp factor!

GL with your pulls :D

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  1. Hi my username is blarg12321. I just started playing recently and I wanted to know if the hero packs are going to be updated any time soon (the 100 credits bundle).