Big Update Today!

Campaign Tweaks
- There is no more initial Kingdom select. All new players now start with the tier 1 non-aligned hero (existing players will get her)
- Campaign system has been reworked to be linear (This was done to avoid any friction for newer players)
- You will unlock the tier 1 hero of the appropriate kingdom after you complete that kingdoms “chapter” in the campaign system
- This will also allow us to add additional chapters easier later on

New Cards
- Ancient Ritual promo card has been added

Card Tweaks
- Wording on Each Turn has been clarified to "On your turn:"
- Essence/Mage Mantles now cost 4 (They were far too powerful/flexible at 3 given rarity)
- Return to Elements now costs 4 mana and destroys 2 enemy gear cards at random
- Golemnify now costs 3 (same reason) and it no longer slows the creature since its changing a creature, not bring a new into play
- Fae’s Charm now slows the creature after you take control (same with Dark Conversion)
- Undead Doomsayer now has 4 HP and costs 4 Mana (was 3)
- Gift of the Mystics now costs 0 (was 1, and not really useful at all)
- War Mammoth now has 4 HP (was 5)
- Blessing of Light is now called Holy Blessing
- Black Bear now costs 2
- Ravenous Gull now costs 1
- Dark Conversion card is now called Torment (to avoid confusion with the Hero ability)
- Anti-Air cannon got a tweak to be more suiting to its strategy. It's now a 1/5 that costs 5 (better survivability so it can at least get off it's special)

Hero Tweaks
- Enlightened Elder’s calm ability now gives the status effect weakened (so it can be removed)
- Lich’s Frost Nova is now charge based (was mana)
- Undead King's conversion now slows the creature after taking control

Other Tweaks
- Border colors for rarities got a face lift, also the tooltip information was cleaned up
- Damaged cards now have their HP in a slight red color
- Packs got a bit of a revamp – There is no longer a core alliance pack, and they now contain 6 cards. There were some slight price adjustments to reflect this
- You can no longer receive duplicate cards in packs
- Updated some of the star requirements for deck unlocks since there is no longer a Light and Dark deck slot
- Main page got a bit of a face lift as well to accommodate the new campaign setup
- Server time is now displayed on the main page (will be useful for daily rewards + tournament timing)
- Deck UI component can now be clicked to bring up the change deck popup
- Going to the Arenas page will take you to the last one you played on
- You can no longer sell cards (wasn't much of a point to before, and could cause players to get in a stuck state)

Bug Fixes
- Lots of grammatical inconsistencies were fixed
- Pressing spacebar during opponents turn no longer gives #1009 error
- Dwarven Dragoons stun shot on hasted creatures no longer slows them
- Warsmith Shrapnel Blast deals damage to the enemy hero properly if they have no creatures in play
- Noran’s Copy Spell no longer negates Fae’s Charm
- Gear highlights correctly
- Reassemble text now shows correct HP value
- Angel General can no longer summon angels in an opponent’s slot
- Undead King’s conversion no longer gives your creature to opponent if used on an ally
- AI won’t use bury on your corpses
- Campaign progression loss no longer occurs when you receive an error
- Volatile no longer kills a reassembled unit (if they both activate at the same time)
- AI won’t use stun shot on its own creatures anymore
- Dragon Priestess will no longer waste her summoning ability
- Achievements are now displayed in the proper order
- Single store reshuffle on purchase bug is fixed
-Tool tip for number of cards in deck corrected
- Various UI fixes
- Hero selection arrows click boxes fixed
- Status effects removed from ability filters
- Hero restrictions no longer applied to the default deck
- Preserved corpses no longer play their attack animation
- Slowed timer moved above card dim
- Text wrapping fixed when HP/Mana goes to 3 digits

- We've also been very busy working on the back end set up for weekly arenas, tournaments and guilds :)


  1. Its really unfortunate that you cannot sell cards for gold anymore, I guess the price for selling wasn't that good but atleast unwanted cards could go towards a new pack. but that in conjunction with their being no light specific booster makes it very hard to get the 2 cards I need.

  2. Excellent modifications - Campaign tweaks may seem odd atm, but I for one am quite alright with that because they will open the door for much easier refinement in the future as you mention.