Hi all,

We just did a small push with a few hotfixes to address some of the bugs we introduced in the last update.

Patch notes:

New Cards
- Elemental’s Boon promo card has been added

Bug Fixes
- The first two deck slots can be renamed
- Upgrades can be purchased properly
- Arena deck rules enforced (if you did have an improper deck it will be removed from the arena, you'll need to rejoin)
- Moving creatures gives an additional slow
- When a deck fails to load, it no longer gives the player all Gnomish Enforcers opponent
- Time Rift now applies slow to hasted creatures
- Some campaign balancing
- Slow/Haste/Reassemble/Resurrect reworked
- Fleshbag's ability now longer gets blocked by the shield

Eve Prelease
- Just a reminder that the new expansion set "Eve" has a pre-release special that starts tomorrow night at midnight (server time). Be the first to play with the awesome new cards!

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