Today's Update

Hi All,

Today's update includes:

- Completing a campaign now unlocks the a campaign in the same alliance for you (this is to ease the experience for new players, doesn't affect existing unless you haven't unlocked all campaigns)
- New campaigns are now highlighted better on the main screen
- T1 Hero price has been raised slightly since they are no longer needed to unlock a campaign
- Epic Single and pack prices have dropped to 110 and 150 respectively; all players who have purchased them will be refunded the difference (we apologize about the fluctuating of the epic price recently, but its settled now)

New Card
- Boltling was released today. It can be obtained in the promo store after you complete story mode in the elemental campaign.
Bug Fixes
- Faithful Worshipper bug is now fixed - If he is buffing an ally, and they take damage, then the worshipper dies, the ally no longer will die
- General buff fix - when a status effect would be removed, sometimes it would reset abilities. This actually affect a lot of cases.
- Grizzle Beast now works as intended: it only gets destroyed at the beginning of your turn if any other creature came into play since it was played.

... and we've been busy working on synchronous (live) play ^^ 

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