Dev's Weekly Preview

Hi All,
First of all, thanks for the incredible traction last week on our rating, that is fantastic!

So for those just joining us, we like to do a weekly developer preview of what we have in store for Kingdoms. As a disclaimer, this is in no way a guarantee, we do our best to achieve all things in time, but certain scenarios dictate pushing features/fixes til a later time.

Goals this Week
Daily Bonus: Each day players will be able to open one of 6 treasure chests that can contain: Gold, Gems or Cards. 1 chest will guaranteed have Gems each day. In addition to this there will also be a progressive login bonus that will yield Gold or Gems at an increasing rate (to a cap) for coming back and being loyal each day :)

Promo Store Completion: Players will unlock special cards through achievement like experiences. These cards will be available in the Special Shop -> Promo section. Most can be obtained for Gold or Gems. An example is: Complete the Campaign on Story mode to unlock "Corrode" Rune Word

Intro Guy: Players will be greeted by a mysterious guide that will help guide them, suggest tips and give a bit of lore insight. It will be added to the start of the game for new players, as well as appear at the beginning of campaigns.

AI Improvements: We've noted the complaints and issues reported about the AI behavior.  We're going to try and clamp down on some of the poor decisions and increase logic and intelligence at other points.

Tie Scenario Determiner: Currently a tie results in a loss for the player. We're changing this to become more of an effective strategic decision. A tie will now tally the total Dealt Damage, Current HP and Current Mana. The highest tally will determine the winner. Should that still be tied, the defender will win.

Tournaments: Dum dum dummmmmm...Our first big feature! This likely will be more of a tournaments have begun development rather than a launched feature this week as we want to thoroughly test it before releasing to the public.

Minor Adjustments
Going First: We are going to make it so the player who goes first only gets +1 mana instead of 2.

Achievement Rewards: We are going to add a currency amount to completing rewards, amount to be determined.

Arena Energy and Rewards: We are going to scale the rewards and energy costs in the arenas. So that the EPIC ladder might yield 2x the reward, but cost 2x the energy to play.

Bug Fixes: Always worth mentioning, but we are constantly doing bug fixes and pushing them live to improve the experience for you.

That's it for now, have a good week of battling and card pulling! :)

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