Today's Update

Hi All,

Another day, another small update.. list is as follows :)

- Achievement Rewards are in. You will now get a few gems for completing them. (Please note: there is currently a display bug in the profile that just repeats visually the first 5 values when you scroll)
- Arenas now have different energy and gold rewards associated with them. Bronze is 3 with a reward of 150 and Epic is 6 with a reward of 350, everything else is in between :)
- Shop tweaks have been made to the main page to better highlight the Promo section (So I dont have to answer where it is all the time after you unlock cards :))
- Collection page tweaks: You can now cycle through the sets and mouse over for details on all cards

- 2 New promo cards added: Brave Recruit and Relentless Bones.. check them out!

Bug Fixes
- Hopefully fixed a main source of the 1009 error, but not all of them

- After some further review, we feel the epic pack gold cost might be a tad cheap right now, treat this as a headsup to a possible future change to it :)

That's it for now.. as always Happy Battling and Good Luck with your pack pulls!

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