Hotfix and Card Tweaks

Hi All,

We were going to wait til later today for the update but since we got a hot fix in for the white screen issues people are having we decided to do a push.

Card Tweaks
- Ancient Priestess now has 2 HP (was 1)
- Mana Flask now costs 0 and grants 1-2 Mana (this should save a lot of explanation headaches)
- Rejuve Potion now gives 2 Mana and 2 HP
- A lot of T3 Heroes got some HP buffs

- Tie Breaker scenario is in now. In the event of a tie it weighs in: Damage dealt to enemy hero, Current HP and Current Mana and the highest total determines the winner. If that is still a tie, the player who went second gets the victory.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the white screen bug, so now it should tell players properly to update their flash player

An update later today will likely be coming with today's promo!

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