Today's Update

Today's update is jammed pack full of awesome bug fixes!

- Tie game notifier alerts the players when the match is about to go to the draw
- You can now press "space" to end turn

Bug Fixes

- Peasant Militia (created by 'Call to Arms') no longer have a legendary border
- AI reacts with Recoil correctly
- Getting a tie in a versus battle no longer gives a ‘#1009 error’
- Adjacent buffs are effective immediately when a creature enters the battlefield
- Top player list now directs to the correct player profile when clicked
- Drop shadows added to campaign flags
- Card count in the collection/store now accommodates multiple sets
- Card count only show total available cards (was showing expansion set)
- Rune word mouse over popup will now update if a new rune has replaced it
- Abilities now being activated correctly on: Selfless Adept, Battle Cleric, Captivating Doll, Honored monk, Grizzle Beast, Fae Trickster, Jester

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