Today's Update

Hi all,
Just a small patch today to address a few things:

Slow/Haste Battle Mechanics
- Slow/Haste functionality has been altered slightly to better represent conditions with creatures
- Now when you play or gain control of a creature it gets a "Cannot attack" state
- That state is only removed at the start of your turn OR by giving it haste
- Moving a creature will now give it a "Cannot attack" condition, which will be removed at the start of your next turn or by giving it haste
- Slow counters are depleted at the end of your turn
- Slow counters now can be removed completely with anything that removes a status effect
- This should be much clearer of how haste/slow and just played behave

Campaign Tweaks
- A couple of the battles in chapter 1 were tuned to be a littler easier
- Replay rewards have been adjusted to be less grindy
- They now cost 4,5 and 6 energy and yield MUCH better return on Gold

Bug Fixes
- On death triggers got fixed, so consume, reassemble should behave properly
- Fixed a few 1009 null pointer errors
That's it for today. Have a great weekend and gl with your pulls!

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