The Community Tournament Has a Top 8!

After two rounds, we're down to our top 8 competitors in the first Kingdoms CCG Community Tournament.

The Top 8 are:

Lollipabbi, running a Devroth Elf deck clobbered their way through two Construct decks to make it into the top 8.

Absinthpt, running a Uunys focused Beast deck, won the mirror match with Kickbutte's Beast deck.

KKannon used his Devroth Wizard deck to lock down Hopeprevails' chance of winning on the backs of three Frostwielders and a timely Realm Crusher.

SupernovaK stole victory using a Nomad Rogue deck against powerful Titans. This rogue deck is... ahem... uncommonly good.

Limits beat Nabaxxen's surprising Barrier deck using an Ichor Titan deck sporting two freshly buffed Morningstar of the Ages.

Tomkat battled his Akatril Human deck through Giants and Warriors to secure another spot for the Holy kingdom.

Wherewolf0 brings a "message of hope" to the top 8 with his Raise the Guard fueled Belnir Angel deck knocking out Elves and Titans on his way in.

VViki rounds out our top 8 with his teched out Ravinova Cleric deck that beat Horrors and Elementals on the way.

The full bracket can be seen HERE.

Will the 4 Holy decks beat their opponents for an all-Light final? Find out tomorrow by following the action in our tournament forum.

We've received lots of good feedback from this event and will be running more in the future. Stay tuned to this blog and our forums for the latest community event info!

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