State of the Game Update

Hi Kingdoms Fans,

Since Ganz took over the game from Antic we've made a number of changes to the game, some loved, some... no so much. We have some new changes coming in our next release that we now want to tell you about, and discuss some of the key topics that players have been asking about.

The Marketplace

Let's get the big one out of the way first. In our next release we will be reducing the overall cost of singles. This has been the number one request of players since we made the initial changes to the marketplace, and we're now readjusting these values.

Commons, Uncommons and Rares have had their cost ranges lowered, with the most significant drop being to Tribes Uncommons, which will now max out at 29, lowered from 59, which was unduly high.

All Legendaries will also be dropped 100 Gems to a fixed price of 399.

Finally, there are the Epics. While Tribes Epics will be reduced in cost from 99 to 89, these will not be made dynamic at this time.

We can now announce that we are actively rewriting the Dynamic Market code. While this rewrite will not be ready for this release, we fully intend to have it ready for the release after. The new system will be a more accurate reflection of the cards making an impact in the metagame and will not be subject to wild ups and downs.

When this new system is released, the price range for Epics will be expanded. There will be low cost Epics and high cost Epics, and unlike today's system, almost every price in between, making for a truly dynamic market.


Many players have offered suggestions on how to improve the Tournament system, and we agree that the system is not working the way we'd like. You should be able to join a tournament regardless of when you find time to play and that is our long term goal. Of course rewriting this system will not be easy and will take some time.

In the meantime, what we can do is offer up better tournament options! We've heard you loud and clear that Draft tournaments take too long for the free events, and so, with our next release we will be removing all Draft events from our free feeder tourneys.

In their place we will be adding three new formats:

1) Tribes Sealed - finally!
2) Pauper Constructed - build decks out of just Commons and Uncommons and battle for supremacy!
3) Kingdoms Constructed - an old format revised and brought back as a great option for new deckbuilders. We'll be outlining the changes in our release notes.

New Players

And on the topic of new players, we have updated the starting decks that new players will receive, giving them a better base to build from. The new decks now include 2 rares each and a few popular cards from Eve and Rise like Pacify and Inner Fire.


Finally, guilds. There has been a lot of talk on the forums about changes to Guild structure, war system and prizing. With our focus on other areas of the game and new content, we have not spent a lot of time in the Guild code. We understand that Guilds are very important to most of you and we will be looking at what can be done to improve the overall experience. As a past Guild player myself, I can understand all of the issues that are being raised, and I think that the conversation is very fruitful. Let us say that it is our goal to encourage all players to get involved in guilds and want to have prizing that rewards players for their level of activity regardless of their "tier". We will be discussing this more in a future announcement as we narrow down the best options for making our Guild system the best that it can be.


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