Upcoming Game Changes and Next Set News

Today we have some exciting news. This Wednesday we will be finally releasing our new, recoded Dynamic Singles market system.

This new system accurately reflects the Kingdoms CCG metagame and will no longer be subject to wild fluctuations in prices. With this new system in place, we are proud to announce that:

1) Epic Cards will no longer be fixed cost. They will have a range of prices just like the other rarities.
2) Tribes singles are being moved to the same pricing model as Eve and Rise.
3) Light Ascending will be added to the Dynamic Singles market.

You read that last one right. For the first time, Light Ascending will be available for purchase outside of booster packs. 

Next Set News

Later this week we will be making the official announcement for the new set, with its final name and our first few preview cards.

Recently on Facebook we hinted at some of the cards included, so we want to share these hints here as well:
  • a 3 mana rare that will destroy a GooG directly, no sheep required
  • a 6 mana Epic that will put up an immediate defense in all three lanes against Jorma and Devroth
  • a card that benefits you when the opponent uses their abilities
  • an Uncommon with the text "Opposing creature cannot attack"
  • a spell that might make players think twice about playing Scavenging Goblin and Skullcrusher
As you can see, we are watching the meta and continuing to make cards that directly address holes in players' arsenals.

And finally...

Arena Changes Coming

We are currently in development on some exciting changes to the Arena. We have been reading the forums on how to improve the game and many of you have come to the same realization that we have: to make the game better, we need to have a really great PVP arena.

While we won't go into too much detail now, we'll say this: our focus for the Arena are two fold:

1) Encouraging you to play LIVE PVP games. To prove that you're the best Kingdoms player, you should have to beat other actual players, not an AI playing another player's deck.

2) Rewarding you for playing those PVP games. The Challenges are a nice start, but driving up the PVP ladders need actual rewards as well, and soon they will.

Spring is here and as the weather warms, things will start to heat up in Kingdoms CCG!

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