Release 3.4 Patch Notes - March 10, 2015

The new heroes of Euna have arrived!

All of the changes is today's release:

1) New Heroes Added: Thania, Devroth and Ichor have been added to the game. They are currently available in the Shop for 90,000 Gold or 69 Gems.

Note about the new heroes: This is the first time that completely new heroes have been added to the game in years. The heroes were tested by a number of your fellow players on a Beta Server prior to release. Thanks to these testers, we feel that the balance of these new heroes is largely correct. The only debate was with Devroth's ability "Exile from Battle". Some players felt it was fine at the current 6, while other felt it should be moved to 7. This ability will be watched and a change will be made if the results show that it is necessary. A big thanks to all of the Beta testers for their help.

2) The ability Recycle is no longer random. Upon death a creature with Recycle will grant its Hero charges equal to its Recycle value.

3) With this new definition of Recycle, Enigma of the Unknown now has a Recycle value of 2.

4) We've added a special offer for the month of March: the Epic Pack. This pack contains exactly 3 cards, each of which is an EPIC (Purple) card. The Epics are taken from Eve, Rise, Tribes and Light Ascending - you will NOT receive any Core Epics in these packs. Each pack also comes with a guaranteed crafting stone and a good amount of essence. Note that if you purchase this pack from the front screen you will not see the pack animation but your cards WILL be awarded (you will get a message "The item has been added to your account instead").

5) Zero energy costs nodes no longer pay out gold for a loss. Nodes with an energy cost will pay out as they always have.

6) Numerous security enhancements have been made to the game to keep your battles secure and fair.

7) An achievement has been added for completing your collection of Light Ascending.

Stay tuned as later this week we will be announcing what we have planned next!


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