Update 2

Hey Kingdoms fans,

Back with another update! We're closing in on the release of our first update. We're aiming for the week of November 17th, and will post another update next week to tell you how we're doing.

We're also proud to announce that we've begun the artwork for our next set. I've got our first sketch to show you below, and will be showing more sketches as they come in.

To keep you talking over the weekend, we're ready to reveal the first of our Buffed Heroes. Yes, buffed!

HP 16, Mana 2

Justice Strike (4 charges): Deals 2 piercing damage to target creature. If that creature is 'Token', deals 5 instead.

Seraph Embrace (5 charges): Target Light Alliance creature gains +1/+1, Flying and Blessed.

Divine Summoning (6 charges): Remove all corpses.Then summon a 3/3 Angel token with Flying and a mana cost of 4 into an empty Ally slot.

Akatril keeps her powerful removal on 4, gains a much stronger 5, and her 6 will now always get an Angel... and that Angel won't easily be dispatched. The Holy Kingdom will shine even brighter come our first release!

And in keeping with the reveals, here is how our promo Legendary is shaping up... with a first look at the art in progress!

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