Fixes on live

Well today's release did not go as smoothly as hoped. We discovered code that needed to be removed before going live, and found that not all of our versions matched what was on live. We did catch some (our version still had Untouchable at 2/5) but not all of them (Where did the Tribes 2 cards go?).

We've learned a lot and will strive to make the next release much smoother.

As for the issues that remained on live:

1) Crutomist's Entangle is back to the way it was. We were testing adding Immolate to the ability based on community feedback, but forgot to pull it out when we decided to hold Cruto's update back for another release.

2) Akatril's Seraph Embrace is now described properly on her hero page. This ability only targets Light Alliance creatures (Holy, Mystical or Ancient).

3) All of the login issues should now be resolved.

As for the Tribes 2 cards not appearing in the store. This will be fixed in the next update. The cards can still be played with and seen in your collection, they just aren't appearing in singles.

Note this doesn't affect your ability to trade your Manacycle Wizards. Just send us an email at kingdomsccgsupport@ganz.com and we will make the exchange for you.

And finally, Bahamut's change was not intended as a Buff or review of the hero. It was just a good requested change that was easy to implement and perfect for his flavour.

As it was a rough day, here's a little extra for you... card art from the next set...

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