1.0.4 is Live!

*v1.0.4* Dev Notes

Pushed @ 11:00 am on 1/31/14

VIP system update!

We have decided to retroactively reward all our paying users in the VIP system. So all purchases done prior to the release of the VIP system of any Gem pack is now counted in your VIP level.

Tribes 2 bundle update

We have decided that we are going to do a second rotation of all the Tribes 2 bundles starting on February 28th!


- Fixed: Bruiser from Beyond now can not be blocked by 3 cost creatures.
- Fixed: Further fixes and text adjustments on Molten Elemental.
- Fixed: Turn to Wyrm should now work as intended.
- Adjusted: Untouchable has been changed to a 2/3 from a 2/5.
- Updated: Updated localizations
- Updated: Superrewards purchases of gem packs will now count towards VIP.

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