Release Update

On Dec. 11 we will be releasing our next update to Kingdoms CCG.

We'll save the complete release notes until that day, but we wanted to let you that the release will include the release of Firstborn of Euna.

How do you get your FREE copy of this powerful Legend?

Just. Log. In.

That's right. Play any time between December 11 and January 1, and upon logging in you will receive your copy of Firstborn (one card awarded per account).

Want to see how the card will look in game, with its final cost and ability? Well here he is:

Yep, when the Firstborn dies, instead of leaving a corpse he leaves behind the Child of Euna, but she's not the innocent girl seen here. She grows up:

Her abilities are random so there are over a million different combinations.

So again, thank you from the team here at Ganz for sticking with Kingdoms CCG throughout 2014.

And be here this Thursday for another special announcement to make your holiday season a little more... Giving.


  1. Can you all please make firsborn of euna available again. And just limit the purchase to one person account. plz like for 500 gems so its fair?

    1. We've released Firstborn a few times and it has always been for free. He will be released again in the near future. Stay tuned!