Guild Changes Preview!

Hi all!

Coming up in the next couple of patches we are going to focus on improving the Guild experience.

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Hi all!
So as promised, we have now decided to focus on improving the guild experience. We have a large laundry list of items (thanks for all the feedback!) to do, but here's a short list of things to expect in the next update:

DISCLAIMER: This is a preview. Final values and details are still to be determined, please treat this as such and is not a guarantee in any way :)

Improved AI - We are going through and beefing up many aspects of the AI to make for interesting guild war battles and defense deck possibilities, including: Force use of hero abilities when ready, gear targeting and valueing Discard and Mill mechanics
Fight Everyone - We are adding back in the 'Fight Everyone Once' rule where players will systematically work through the opposing guilds player list so everyone has to defend equally.
Honor Uses - We have decided to move the Arsenal cards to a guild reward. We do apologize for our change in direction with this (previously being available to craft) but feel it is better for the long term of the game.
More Stats - You will now be able to view recent wars and the results of them. In addition to this there will also be an offensive/defensive tab on the participants panel which will show how individuals held up in the respective categories. In addition to this there will be two toggles to: Show Attempts as well as Show Enemy. These will show the total tries in addition to the points as well as the opposing guild's scores.
Max 3 Wars - We will be reducing the max wars from 4 to 3 to make room in the UI and streamline the system for the upcoming League feature.
Bug Fixes - There have been a few lingering annoying bugs, they shall be squished! Please be sure to post as much detail about any guild bugs in the appropriate section on the forum to make sure we catch them all

In further updates we will be looking into adding the following:

League System
- Introduce a league system that lasts 9 days
- Guilds will be split into 3 tiers (1-10, 11-20, 21-30) and have a feeder pool for the remainder. We might increase tiers based on demand
- Within a league, each guild will fight each other guild in their tier 3 times
- 3 wars will be automatically initiated and last for 24h (on server day start)
- Increase battles to 30 from 20 (to allow fighting everyone twice)
- Reward at the end of the league based on the tier your guild is in and your placement within it
- Reward will then be divided (weighted towards the top players of the placed guilds)
- We would use current placements to define the initial tiers
- The bottom and top 3 guilds of each tier will move down and up respectively to the new tiers

Defense Incentives
- Add in a reward for having successful defenses
- Players would come back in to the guild section after being away and see how well they did defensively, and get rewarded for it!
- Example: Come back in after 2 days and see your defense deck was successful in 72/150 fights and win 72 bonus honor! (again numbers TBD)

Upgrade System - Last but not least, an upgrade system. We've talked about one for a while but wanted to wait until the foundation of guilds was solid. After these other changes are in and the system feels great we will be looking at adding an upgrade system for guilds.
So that's it guys and gals - lots of exciting things to come! Thank you again for all your feedback. If you have any questions, please fire away here and we'll do our best to answer.

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