Announcing "Tribes of Euna" Expansion Set!

Announcing ‘Tribes of Euna’, the next expansion set for Kingdoms CCG!

Tribes is a tribal themed set (of course!) and the first set fully designed for drafting! It is also the largest set released to date! With more focus on inter-kingdom strategies, further use of the “When set to defend mode” mechanic and for the first time ever Kingdom aligned Rune-words, Tribes is sure to shake up every aspect of the game!
Tribal Themes:
Humans, Zombies, Elves and Fae, the tribes of Euna have come together to fight for their kingdoms. Working as an army, even the seemingly weakest of warriors can come together to take down a much more powerful foe. Build your deck focused around creature subtypes to unlock the full potential of creatures and spells.
When Set to Defend Mode:
First seen on Hired Shield in Rise and more recently on Shadowsill Assassin in the Unaligned Arsenal, these cards were a new spin on a deep seeded mechanic within kingdoms. Tribes will see more creatures that explore this mechanic even further.
Kingdom Aligned Rune-Words:
Back in our Halloween Bundle Unaligned saw its first spells with Trick and Treat. Now each kingdom is encroaching on territory once held only by the Unaligned. What mastery over Rune-Words has each kingdom developed? Stay tuned to our spoilers starting Monday to find out!
Alternate Win Conditions:
Also new to the set is a focus on Alternate Win Conditions. What does that mean exactly? Stay tuned to the spoilers to find out!
Card Breakdown:
  • 198 cards
  • 59 Common
  • 60 Uncommon
  • 53 Rare
  • 21 Epic
  • 5 Legendary
Release and Pre-release details:
Tribes will be released on June 27th with the pre-release starting on June 20th server time. Upon launching Tribes will only be available in packs for 20 Gems each (59 for three packs, 179 for ten with a guaranteed epic). Packs can also be won in Credit Tournaments after the pre-release week.
Any cards bought during the pre-release week can be used in any area of the game! Tribes cards will not be available in the dynamic market at release.
During the pre-release week Tribes Sealed events will show up as credit tournaments costing 1 TC with the option to keep the cards for 160 Gems. There will be no prizes for these events. As always, our LE Pre-Sale bundles will be available during this week as well! The bundle has been updated to match our new pricing model.
The LE Presale bundle will contain:
  • 4 "Tribes" Commons
  • 4 "Tribes" Uncommons
  • 3 "Tribes" Rares
  • 1 "Tribes" Epic with a 1 in 10 chance to be a Legendary!
  • Plus a free Tournament Credit!
All cards in the presale bundle will come with the Limited Edition Gold Text and will cost 99 Gems.
To start off the spoilers, take a look below!
*Some art not yet finished*

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