Patch v0.9.4.1 is Live! Tournaments are back online!

v0.9.4.1 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 5:00pm EST on 5/13/13


Tournaments are now back on line and still free for the beta period! We apologize for the inconvenience. Those who placed should have received rewards. If you didn't receive cards purchased through the Sealed option, please contact support@kingdomsccg.com.


- tournament max players set to 32 (to keep the duration shorter)
- lowered battle duration for tournaments from 3.5min per fight to 3min
- lowered deck building time from 4min to 3min
- clarified the next tournament in label to indicate when registration opens
- Stuttershock Elf and Mindgripper now work properly on a Banish
- Master the Elements now properly checks ally team only
- Amarus can now target corpses with Raise Dead when his slots are occupied by corpses
- recent tournaments is temporarily disabled until we identify it as the source of the tournament crashes
- can no longer time out during a tournament

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