Patch v0.9.4.4 is Live!

v0.9.4.4 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 11:20 EST on 5/22/13

Purchase Deck Option

When viewing a completed constructed tournament deck, players will have the option to buy and save that deck in a slot. The purchase price will factor in only the missing cards you have and be based off the current market price. To note: You can only purchase promo/guild cards if you have them unlocked already.

More Tournament Credits for your $

We decided to increase the amount of tournament credits you get for your dollar for the $20+ options
- $20 now nets you 50 credits (was 40)
- $50 now nets you 150 credits (was 100)
- $100 now nets you 330 credits (was 200)
Anyone who has purchased the above bundles at the old values, please contact support@kingdomsccg.com and we'll reimburse the difference.

Tournaments Ending During Update

During an update, any tournaments will be ended immediately and pay out based on current positions. Players will also receive a full refund for the inconvenience.


- Fixed bug with 'Cannot tween a null object' after playing multiple tournaments in a row
- Fixed some issues with popups not being seen after disconnects, mainly tournament ended w/ placement details
- Fixed a 1009 error on the tournament scene
- Rating now properly only exchanges during credit tournaments
- Italian and Spanish card localization has been updated

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