v0.9.3.7 is Live! Tournaments Coming Next Week!

v0.9.3.7 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 1:30 on 5/3/13

Hero Changes

Changed to a 14/3 hero.
Prototype - 4 Charges
Put a copy of target non-token ally card with mana cost 3 or less into your hand
Transpose - 6 Charges
Enemy hero loses 3 charges and Ravinova gains 1 mana for each charge lost this way
*Note: is no longer targeted*
Drain Life
Target creature loses 2 HP and Abaddon gains 1HP for each HP lost this way
Now deals damage before removing resist
Renamed 'Frightful Flight'
Target creature gains Flying and Intimidate


- Optimized the card selection effect (should increase performance)
- Wilrius 'Penitence' ability now properly uses the creature as the source of damage
- Cleaned up a lot of unused assets, decreased over all game size by 10% (which should decrease load times by that)
- New 'Basic' deck rule was added. This shouldn't affect anyone, it's just for clarity with tournaments.
- Gem price on Corrode was improperly 10 Gems, now 5
- Live play battle time goes red and pops at 10s now instead of 5s
- Fixed some issues with liveplay out of syncs

Special Thanks

A HUGE special thanks to our player 'City' (the maker of the awesome Kingdoms CCG song) for providing us with some half-time pizza to keep us fueled through tournament feature creation!

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