Patch v0.9.4.3 is Live! Tournament Celebration!

v0.9.4.3 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 5:30pm EST on 5/17/13

Tournaments Officially Live!

It is our great pleasure to make the announcement that tournaments are officially live after this patch! With this celebration, everyone (who has logged in during the last 13 days) will receive 10 FREE tournament credits! Go forth and conquer!

Satellite and Credit Tournaments

After the beta period, there will be two types of tournaments: Satellites and Credit Tournaments.
Satellite Tournaments
Satellites can be entered as long as you have 10 or less Tournament Credits. They will always be in the top slot and rotate through various formats. Placing in these will earn you tournament credits.
Credit Tournaments
These tournaments cost Tournament Credits to join. You can either win them in Satellites or purchase them from the main tournament screen. They will yield packs of the latest set (Rise when we launch this patch) for top placers. Anyone who places in the top 50% and didn't earn any packs will receive Credits (which will vary on the entry cost, mostly likely be 1 credit back to start).
Payout Scales
You will now be able to see the full payout scale based on number of rounds and players entered from the main tournament screen by clicking the 'Payout' button. The amount earned and positions paid increases for each round interval added by players joining:
  • 4 players = 2 rounds
  • 5-8 players = 3 rounds
  • 9-16 players = 4 rounds
  • 17-32 players = 5 rounds
  • 33-64 players = 6 rounds
  • 65+ = 7 rounds
Note: We are not planning on having tournaments exceeding typically 32 players and sometimes 64 due to time constraints. Some exceptions might be special, featured or invitational tournaments, which are yet to come
For full payout details see this link: http://forums.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/4037

Auto-start Drafts

In the bottom slot of the tournaments we will have new credit draft's every 10 minutes that will auto start at the next minutes after it reaches the max players. This is to keep them faster paced over all. The draft content will rotate every hour with a cycle of: Core, Hybrid, Eve, Hybrid, Rise, Hybrid

Tie Breakers

Tie breaker bugs should be fixed. It now prioritizes based on: Points -> Opponent Match Win % (favoring players who had to defeat tougher opponents) -> Win % (how well you did in all your battles) -> Opponent Game Win %

Rise Gold Packs

Rise packs will no longer be available for gold after this patch as they will be obtainable through the tournament system.


- Tournament registration period lowered to 5 minutes from 15... Properly this time
- Fixed the split draft tournament text to show the appropriate pack splits
- Viewing recent tournaments is now back
- Tournament rating for the leader boards only counts credit entry tournaments, and has been reset
- Players are registered in Sealed tournaments before they see the Keep Cards option. This is to hold your spot while you decide if you'd like to keep them or not
- If players purchase Sealed cards, they are granted immediately upon tournament start now instead of at the end of the tournament. This will allow you to play with them if you drop before the tournament finishes
- Fixed a corner case bug where sometimes a player was awarded 2 wins if their opponent wasnt there
- If the tournament time goes into the negatives (just out of sync by a few seconds) it will now show 'Waiting..' instead of -e-142 etc, since it's still fine
- The 1/2/2 Core/Eve/Rise Draft has been redone as the 2/2/1 Rise/Eve/Core Draft, and the 2/3 Eve/Rise Draft has been redone as the 3/2 Rise/Eve draft
- Tournament names now display properly
- Can now properly select decks with sideboards that are committed to arenas
- Ravinova's achievement #8 changed. Is now "Prototype two cards in the same turn"
- Draft card pick time lowered from 5s per card to 4s
- If a player drops, no tournament rating is exchanged from any matches paired against them afterwards
- "The Next Tournament in" will now show if its a satellite or credit tournament
- whole bunch of tournament fixes
- fixed a bunch of the "Trying to remove a card from a deck it isnt in" errors
- Updated the standings player component to show their relative tournament rating to the type that they're currently in, as well as their current points

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