Patch v0.9.4.5 is Live! New Starter Bundles and more!

v0.9.4.5 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 5:20pm EST on 5/24/13

New Starter Bundles

All new Starter Bundles have been added! There are now 6 Starter Bundles (one per Kingdom) that contains one of EACH of that Kingdoms cards from CORE set, including epics for a low price of $5! You can purchase each kingdom up to 4 times each per account.
These are available in the store under 'Starters' section!

2X Tournament Credit Bonus

We now have a special deal for your first/next Credit purchase - receive 2x the amount! For those who have already purchased credits, this will still be available to you on your next purchase.


- Improved the payout panel inside the tournament to be a little more clear
- Can now click names in recent tournaments to bring up their profile
- Tournament lobby sometimes held onto old renderers (which caused text to overlap with itself). This is now fixed
- Tooltips added over set icons in the card pool renderers
- Confirm join popup had a little more information added to it
- During the draft process, the max cards shows the actual total amount of cards you'll receive now as 50 (instead of 60)
- Recent tournament dates are fixed (they were a month off)
- Sealed/Draft tournaments ignore the 1 of Legendary rule in your deck, should you be fortunate enough to open multiple
- Disabled Coin Toss animation in tournaments during game 2 and 3
- Fixed a crash issue with Shadowsill rogue killing an opponent in live match
- Fixed the phase label during the draft process
- Fixed a bug where if you disconnect from chat, you cant reply to whispers or rejoin a chat room
- Fixed a bug with buying constructed tournament decks
- Fixed some tournament crashes
- Fixed some AI issues with Anti-Magic shield
- Fixed some issues with Stuttershock elf and mindgripper crashing
- Fixed the tournament payout text for player numbers

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