Discover the Formats of Kingdoms CCG

Kingdoms CCG is a highly competitive collectable strategy game. To make the game enjoyable for players of all skill levels, we have created three formats for you to choose from when building decks. Check out our video, and find out more details below.


The Limited format is a great way for new players to get into the competitive side of Kingdoms CCG. Limited decks have a number of restrictions that make them easier to build for players with small collections. These restrictions are:

  1. A maximum of 8 rare cards, 2 Epic rarity cards, and no Legendaries. This is the core of Limited. These restrictions force Limited decks to be primarily built around good commons and uncommons, with the rares and epics providing the heavy hitters of the deck. If you are just starting out, your new player decks and a single Starter from the store will give you more than enough to build your first Limited Deck.
  2. Standard Format sets only. These include Core, Light Ascending, Descent into Darkness, Gods Reborn, and the promotional sets of Promo, Arsenal, Premium and Guild (Tribes Two and Legacy are excluded).
  3. Maximum of 2 Kingdoms. Your deck can only contain cards from the Kingdom of your chosen Hero, another Kingdom of your choice, and unaligned cards. The Kingdom you choose must not be the enemy Kingdom of your hero (i.e. Holy and Undead). Unaligned Heros can choose any two Kingdoms, including enemy Kingdoms.
  4. No Banned cards. Right now there is only one banned card in Limited: Deploy Cannons, but there may be others in the future. This card can not be played in Limited, but can be played in Standard and Legacy. Sometimes cards unbalance one format, but are fine in another. Having the ability to ban cards allows us to leave such format issues without nerfing the offending card.
Now don't misinterpret these rules as suggesting that Limited play is easy. Many of our top players enjoy Limited for its deck building challenge. But if you do go up against a top Limited deck that you really like, you can know that building the deck for yourself will be much less difficult.


This is our core format for competitive play. Decks here are filled with the most powerful cards of your Hero's kingdom. Standard has deck building rules, but they are far less restrictive that Limited. These restrictions are:

  1. A maximum of 4 Legendaries. You may play any number of rares and Epics (maximum 4 of any one card), and you may include the incredibly powerful Legendary cards in your deck. Each Legendary is unique though. Only one of each in your deck, and a maximum of 4 total.
  2. Standard Format sets only. As with Limited, Standard removes Tribes Two and Legacy cards.
  3. Maximum of 2 Kingdoms. Standard uses the same rule as Limited here.
Standard play has powerful spells, devastating creatures and game changing gear. While daunting for newer players, Standard is what competitive players strive to become the best at.


For those players who want a format that allows everything, and does away with restrictions, we have the Legacy format. Here players are not limited to the "2 Kingdom" rule, and may play any card ever created for Kingdoms CCG, from the meekest Mana Moth to the back-breaking Realm Crusher to the "what just happened" demigod Justice.

The only limits? 4 Legendaries max, and again your Hero cannot play cards of its enemy hero. Decks can contain enemy Kingdoms though, for example, an Alchemy deck could have both Mystical and Elemental cards; it just couldn't contain Ancient cards.

Note that currently Guild Wars uses the Legacy format. When you join a guild, be ready for some fearsome decks.

Sealed Deck/Draft Decks

Last but not least we have Sealed and Draft. These formats are special in that you cannot choose your Hero. All players are given a special version of Amorya for balanced play. Your deck only needs 25 cards, rather than 40, and you can play any card that you open or draft. Draft 6 Whelps? Feel free to play them all! There are no restrictions.

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