Release Notes - April 15, 2015

1) Our new dynamic market code is up. Card prices will no longer be subject to wild fluctuations and will more accurately reflect the impact of the card on the current metagame.

2) Epic Cards now have a dynamic price range.

3) Tribes cards have been moved to the same price range as Eve and Rise.

4) Light Ascending singles have been added to the Dynamic Market for the first time. If you're looking for those last few cards to complete your set, now is your chance.

5) Bug Fix: Token creatures that gain Reassemble will no longer go to the discard pile.

6) Bug Fix: When a Corpse is destroyed by a creature with Corpsecraft coming into play, it will go to the discard pile instead of being banished.

7) Bug Fix: Warrior Remnants now works properly when destroyed by an ability like Uunys'.

8) Bug Fix: A Rotfeeder that has been granted Reassemble 4 by his ability, will now properly become a 4/4 Skeleton when destroyed by an ability like Uunys'.

9) Bug Fix: Mind over Body is now working properly.

10) Mind Fly and Plague Beetle now have the subtype Vermin in addition to Insect for nefarious reasons.

And for another teaser...

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