v0.8.4 is Live! with New Bundles and Special Deals!

v0.8.4 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 3:30pm EST 9/28/12

New Bundles

The old Starter bundle has been removed and 2 new bundles have been added: The Bard Bundle and the Dragon Bundle. They can each be purchased once per account.
Bard Bundle
For $10 or 100 Kreds you will receive:
- 3x Core Packs
- 50 Gems
- Plus a bonus promo card: Realm Sworn Bard
Dragon Bundle - Unlocks after you purchase the Bard Bundle. Next patch will also make it available if you purchased the prior starter bundle
For $20 or 225 Kreds you will receive:
- 3x Core Packs, 3x Eve Packs
- 100 Gems
- Plus a bonus promo card: Abysmal Dragon

Core Deals
- You can now purchase 3 Core Gold packs for 99 Gems
Eve Deals
- You can now purchase 3 Eve Gold packs for 99 Gems
- You can now purchase an Eve booster box containing 10 Gold packs for 299 Gems


- Now has 15 HP (was 16) and 1 mana (was 0)


We overcompensated a bit too much on the last update with Honor reward amount on a loss and suffered a decrease in competitiveness as a result. In order to restore that competitiveness, we lowered the loss amount to 50% of what you earned and 100% for a victory. Future guild upgrades may affect these values.
Chat Icons
Now the players in the first place guild will have a special legendary chat guild icon. Players in guilds ranked 2 and 3 will have an epic chat guild icon.


- A deck slot save issue has been fixed where sometimes it overwrites your first slot

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  1. how i can pay 20usd go get abyssal dragon + 3x core and eve packs+100 gems?