v0.8.2 is Live!

v0.8.2 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 5:05pm EST on 9/18/12

Guild Honor

We reworked the honor system to be a little more generous. Players will now earn full honor on a guild loss. If a guild is victorious, each member will earn 10% bonus honor. We felt it was too punishing to not give any honor.
With these changes we bumped the honor prices of the uncommon and rares slightly to (300 and 1250 from 250 and 1000 respectively)

First Turn Advantage

We ran some data on first turn advantage, and while it's not as crazy as everyone thinks (56%) we felt a small nudge is needed to get it down to an even 50%. Therefore, the player who goes first will no longer receive Charges on their first turn.

Chat Moderators

We now have chat moderator support. They will be seen with a red M icon. They will be fair and just, and prevent any vulgar/abusive or spam activity and have the ability to disable your chat. Please be respectful to all players and moderators.


- Battle tab now shows who you're battling
- Fixed a bug with Guild point calculation on War win/loss. Should be accurate to the Wiki now.
- Player component got spruced up to show honor and guild rank in it
- You can now private message players across different rooms properly
- Featured pack changed to (Eve - Dark Alliance) Cards changed to (Mage's Mantle, Hero Ring, Omni Cloak)
- New splash screen


  1. Nice.

    Now 0% will feel like being first to play is an advantage.
    And 100% will understand starting will +2 mana and +1 charge is a big advantage.

    Way to fix things!!