v0.8.3 is Live!

v0.8.3 Dev Notes

Currently in development. Scheduled for 9/21/12

Battle Mechanics

Corpses now last an additional half turn, meaning each player will have a full turn to try and interact with it. Corpses will clear at the beginning of players turns now instead of after the attack phase.


- Guild card unlock requirements were reduced a fair amount

Hero Tweaks

- Dravkas is getting a bit of a rework as we found he lead to a pretty narrow (and not the most fun) strategy with the essentially free board wipe (Replicate & Shrapnel blast). We are reworking Replicate and Shrapnel Blast. Current details:
*Re-designed* Replicate:
- new name "Assemble"
Destroy target ally gear; summon an X/X Alchemy Construct in a random ally slot where X is the gear's Mana cost. It gains [1,2,3] random abilities.
- Costs [4,4,4] Charges
*Re-designed* Shrapnel Blast:
- new name "Master Artificer"
Whenever an ally gear with Mana cost [5,4,3] or more enters, Dravkas gains 1 HP, 1 Charge or 1 Mana.
- Passive

Card Tweaks

Wild Behemoth
This guy got a rather large rework. We felt it was far too punishing and had too much of a random chance, which lead to not seeing much play. The new version is as follows:
This creature can't be set to Defend mode. On attack: deals 1 physical damage to your Hero.
Abilities: Splash, Armor and Unblockable Intimidate and Overrun
Mage's Ring
Mana costs of your Spell cards is reduced by 1
- Mana cost increased to 3 (was 2)
Glass Sword
On enter/On your turn: your Hero deals 1 physical damage to enemy Hero. Destroy this gear when your Hero is dealt any damage


- Cancel Ability button is now accessible in Advanced Casting Mode
- Baleful Mist - Fixed a few interaction bugs
- Featured pack and cards changed

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