Guilds are Here!

v0.8 Dev Notes

Guilds are now here! Full details can be found below!

Promo Card

Juggernaut is now available! He can be unlocked by completing Chapter III on Insane mode.


Guilds are now upon us! Round up your friends, foes and whoever else you want to join you in your journey to be the top guild in Kingdoms!
- You can create a guild for 50k Gold or 50 gems
- You can have up to 15 members for now
- You can assign different ranks to your members which will limit their control in the guild
- You can initiate wars against other guilds within a point range
- Win/Lose points based on the outcome of the war
- Each war, each guild will have 3 quests that can be completed for bonus points
- Individuals earn Honor for their participation in the guild. Spend this honor in the guild store on exclusive cards
- Top ranked guilds will have a more prestigious profile button to show off in the leaderboards
- You can earn an additional 25 wins worth of bonus gold in Guild War battles


- Eve cards have now been added to the Singles store!


- No longer shows Honor points if you don't have any
- Akatril's Judgement damage no longer keeps adding 2 each time you use it
- You can now have up to 25 friends. We also fixed the bug with friend requests crashing when you have more than 25.

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