v0.7.6 is Live!

v0.7.6 Dev Notes

Pushed today @ 2:00pm EST

New Features

Hero Store
The Hero store got a facelift. Some prices were adjusted, and there is now a Sale feature for the first 2 heroes you buy of each tier. This will work for existing players as well on the next Heroes they purchase.

Hero Tweaks

Frost Nova:
Uunys deals [1,2,3] magic damage to the creature in target slot and 1 magic damage to its adjacent and opposing creature slots
Jorma deals magic damage to target creature equal to half its HP rounded up. That creature becomes Immobile (It can't be moved to another slot)
Maelstrom Blast:
Jorma deals 1 magic damage to a random enemy creature or enemy Hero whenever an ally Dark alliance creature with Attack [4,3,2] or more Mana cost [5,4,3] or more enters play.
Furious Revival
- Costs [7,6,5] charges(was 6,5,4)
Holy Summon:
Charges increased to [4,5,5] from [4,4,4]

Card Tweaks

Skybreaker Giant
HP increased to 8 (was 7)
Dwarven Sot
On enter: deals 1 physical damage to another random creature
Roaming Spirit
Now has Dust
Weathered Knight
If you control another Light alliance creature, this creature has Armor
- Attack was reduced to 1 (was 2)
- HP was increased to 4 (was 3)
Young Giant
If you control another Giant, this creature gets +1 attack
Willow Guard
If the enemy Hero is Elemental or controls any Elemental creatures, this creature gets +1 HP
- Now has resist
- Mana cost was reduced to 3 (was 4)
- Attack was reduced to 1 (was 2)
Tenacious Demon
On death: Tenacious Demon is put on the bottom of shuffled into its controllers deck


- Improved overall loading time
- Reduced memory usage

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