v0.7.5 is Live!

Hero Tweaks

Jorma deals magic damage to target creature equal to half its HP rounded up; then gains 1 Mana for each point of damage dealt this way
Target creature loses half its HP rounded up and Jorma gains 1 Mana for each HP lost this way
Furious Revival:
Remove target corpse and put the next creature with a lower Mana cost from your deck in its slot. It gets +1 attack and gains Haste
Shrapnel Blast:
- Costs [6,5,4] [7,6,5] Charges
Virtuous Summon:
Put the next Light alliance creature from your deck in a random target empty ally slot. It gets +1 attack and +1 HP
Necrotic Infusion:
- Costs [4,5,6] [4,5,5] Charges

Bug Fixes/Minors

- Abaddon no longer swaps corpses, he simply takes theirs. It now also works if you have a corpse occupied slot, just not if you have a creature.
- Alisten now properly summons Whelps when used by AI
- Belnir can now be traded properly
- AI can no longer use Dark Missile on undead heroes
- Fae Trickster now properly only steals abilities from enemies
- Phantom Image now triggers On Enter effects

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