The New Heroes are Here! - August 25 Release Notes

The new release is out and the new heroes are ready to be played!


New Heroes added to the game: Felincia, Bothar and MEK
Each hero is available in the store for 90,000 Gold or 69 Gems
Each hero has 10 new Triumphs to complete
For space reasons, MEK's abilities do not show the card text of the gear tokens he creates. The cards are:

Forged Shield
0 Mana Gear Token - Armor
Prevent the next 2 damage dealt to your hero.

Mechana War Banner
0 Mana Gear Token - Relic
Ally creatures gain +1/+1 and Volatile. On your turn: Draw a card.

Hero Buffs:

Noran's Inspiration now draws the next Spell card from your deck.

Grovenhold's Battle Cry now grants +1/+1 rather than +0/+2.


  • Arcanos' 8th Triumph has been changed so that it can now be completed (Banish 25 cards with Ice Blast)
  • The issue preventing Bonus Packs to be awarded to players on Yahoo Games should now be fixed. As always if you do have a problem with a purchase, contact us at kingdomsccgsupport@ganz.com
  • The Arena Leaderboards now show the number of games played instead of the player's Honor ** NOTE: This isn't showing the full number, just the first digit. We'll get this fixed soon.
  • A New Achievement is available for those who collect a complete set of Descent into Darkness
  • New Promo Card: Cursed Potion added to the game (available in the next Arena Season)

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