Meet the Sword of the Sand, Felincia

For ages the borders of Euna were believed to be the beaches of the great island of the six kingdoms. Yet after the great battle between Elara and T'rror, new tribes have arrived on the island, from lands long lost or undiscovered.

One of these new Heroes is the cat warrior Felincia, who led an expedition to the great island. Her people quickly sided with the Elemental Kingdom, appreciating their speed, precision and attraction to the primal power of fire.

Felincia is a deadly fighter, who commands the powers of the old gods to strike down the most powerful foes, and turn the tide of the battlefield by using an enemy's soldiers against them.

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Felincia has been designed to attack quickly, seeking to end the battle before her opponent can get prepared.

Fiery Force gains quick mana (channels it you might say) allowing Felincia to put sustained pressure onto the battlefield.

When enemies get in the way, the Curse of the Old Gods will take them down with the new status ability "Doomed". No enemy is too large, but she must wait a turn for the Old Gods to listen. And note that she can target her own creatures with this ability. Felincia has no qualms about killing off troops that hurt her with immolation, or waste her time sitting pacified.

Her signature power is Sword of the Sand, which can quickly attack your opponent with an Elemental creature, or turn an enemy against their own hero, if only until the end of turn. Unless of course, that turned enemy were to somehow die at the end of turn.

Felincia will create new ways to battle in Euna, and will be available very soon!

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