Patch Notes: Sept. 3 - Triumphant Fixes!

Just a quick update today to fix some issues from the last release. A number of the new Hero Triumphs weren't coded correctly and weren't accumulating stats, but rather overwriting you old stats each time. This has been fixed so you will now be able to complete these triumphs properly.

The affected Triumphs are:

Arcanos' 8th: Banish 25 enemy cards with Ice Blast
MEK's 7th: Prevent 100 damage with Forged Shields
Bothar's 6th: Destroy 50 gear with Hero abilities
Bothar's 8th: Draw an Ancient card with Surge of the Ages 20 times
Felincia's 10th: Steal a creature with 7+ ATK with Sword of the Sand

Additionally, we've added a way for Arena players to see their current Rating when not in the top 50. If you click on the Prize button (the little gold coins) your rating is now listed in that window. We are working on getting your number of games played in that window as well.


We will soon be announcing the next booster set, and tell you all what we will be working on for the rest of the year, including the much awaited mobile version of Kingdoms!


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