Gem Sale Returns - August 13 - 23

If you've been waiting for a Gem Sale to grab those last few cards you need, now is your chance! From August 13-23, 2015 all Gem Packs are on sale for between 20-25% off.

Please note that our Bonus Packs system looks at dollars spent, not the package purchased, so any package on sale for less than $20 will not receive the bonus pack.

We're also taking this opportunity to fix a bug with the "Show Unowned" option in the Deck Builder. We had turned on Tribes Two as an option for Show Unowned, but the fact that there are unreleased cards in Tribes Two broke the system. We have turned off Tribes Two while we look for a full solution.

UPDATE: We've also turned on anti-chat spamming measures. If you now try to spam chat, you will automatically be silenced for a short period. This measure also now puts up a message when you trip the bad word filter suggesting that you may be banned. These bans are not done automatically, and will remain up to our chat mods. We will be toning down this message soon to "Please refrain from swearing in chat."

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