Quick Update

Small update today, with just a few changes:

1) Thania's Step Through Time Bugs FIXED

This was a very challenging bug, but its been fixed. We ended up rewriting the code the handled turning off charges and it now works perfectly. The fixes are:

a) You can now continue to gain charges after you've triggered Step Through Time, but are still on the same turn.

b) You will now never gain charges on the bonus turn gained with Step Through Time. The Scavenger Goblin trick no longer works.

NOTE: Scavenger Goblin WILL drain the opponent's charges on the bonus turn, but the Thania player will not gain any of those charges.

2) Friends Lists moved up to 40 players

Yes, you can now have 40 players on your friends list. If all goes well, we'll bump this up to 50 in a future release. If you have ANY issues with your Friends List due to this change, please contact us at kingdomsccgsupport@ganz.com.

3) Tribes Two singles are no longer appearing in the Featured Card area. This was an unintentional change in the last release and has been fixed. Tribes Two singles remain in the Singles Market.

Kingdoms.com Tip!

If you play on Kingdoms.com and would like to get the same "Large Screen" experience that Steam users get, you can! Simply use this link when playing the game (you can bookmark it): http://game.kingdomsccg.com/dotcom/index_dotcom_full_chat.php

Try it out!

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