Looking into the Future!

The weekend is upon us and to make it even more enjoyable we've got THREE teases of upcoming content:

Friends List Expansion!

We've had this request from a lot of players and in our next release we will be increasing the maximum number of friends from 25 to 40. If everything goes well, we'll then increase that number again to 50!

Variant Art Cards!

In a number of our podcasts I've mentioned that what I'd really like to get into Kingdoms is the ability to have variant art cards. Cards that are functionally the same and count towards deck building the same but that are visually different. Well look at this:

It's working! We actually need the new art (even though we do like a good cola) but the system is complete. We'll be using variant art cards as prizes in the Arena, Guilds and special tournaments. Watch this blog for more information as we nail down our plans.

New Heroes!

Devroth, Ichor and Thania have all made an impact on the Kingdom metagame. So when will we see Ancient, Elemental and Alchemy? This summer! The designs are being finalized and will then go into beta testing, but we can definitely share the look of the heroes. I mentioned in the forums that our Alchemy hero would be a construct... and here he is:

(click to view full size)


Season 2 of the Arena ends this weekend. Make sure you get in your 20 live PVP games to ensure that you get your prizes!

And finally:

Look for the Tribes Two bundle to return this weekend! If you're looking to get these great cards, this is the perfect deal for you.

Each Kingdom will be available for just 5 days, so don't miss out.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds cool. Alchemy hero art looks sharp.

    Unaligned misses out on new hero again? Unaligned has to work hard for same respect as other kingdoms =(.

  2. Sounds pretty cool. Alchemy hero art looks mean as well. I like it.

    Unaligned kingdom misses out on new hero again though? Unaligned kingdom has to work hard to be respected as much as other kingdoms =(